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The full Eventing rule book can be downloaded here:

Eventing Rules

Eventing  (sometimes known as Horse Trials)

Pony Club Eventing tests a pony and rider’s all-round skill in the three disciplines of  dressage, show jumping and cross country. Scores are converted to penalty points and the LOWEST score wins.

Full details of the Pony Club Eventing can be found here:

Pony Club Eventing is divided into 5 levels:

PC70: Jumps up to 70cm in the SJ and 60cm XC
PC80: Jumps up to 85cm in the SJ and 80cm XC (= BE80)
PC90: Jumps up to 95cm in the SJ and 90cm XC (=BE90)
PC100: Jumps up to 1.05m in the SJ and 1m XC (=BE100)
PC110: Jumps up to 1.15m in the SJ and 1.10m XC (= BE Novice)

The dressage tests for all events will be shown on the schedule for the event and can be found in the Eventing Rulebook  or here:

Competitors may enter individually as well as in teams and placings are given to both.  

We enter teams at all levels throughout the spring and summer, at local and Area events. You will normally have to progress through the levels, completing at least two clear rounds Cross Country at one height before moving up a level: this is for safety reasons as you will be jumping solid, fixed fences. Your entry form will usually have to be countersigned by the DC for this reason. The Area qualifier competitions are tough with high standards and lots of pressure, so we only select the strongest combinations for each category. For these competitions, we are unable to consider you unless you are successfully competing as a combination at the level you wish to represent the branch. Teams will be chosen based on your competition results as well as your commitment to training and the branch, please see our team selection policy.

We offer regular eventing training throughout the year. In the winter we offer clinics for everyone from 60cm to Open level, where you can learn to jump cross country questions such as angled doubles, corners and skinnies in the safety of a sand school. In the spring and summer we offer cross country rallies at venues such as Tweseldown, Munstead, Rogate and Coombelands, as well as offering the opportunity to jump cross country fences at some of our working rallies.

In order for you to plan your training programme look on the Area 13 calendar on the PCUK website (or follow the link on the left) for competition dates. However, you need to think carefully about which level you would like to compete at and check the eligibility rules on the main pony club web site – a single wrong competition at a higher level could make you ineligible forever and means you might miss out on team competitions best suited for the success of you and your pony.

You should of course also take advantage of the dressage and show jumping training we offer.

You must ensure that your hat and body protector complies with current PC rules and you must always wear a body protector when riding cross country.

If you would like to be considered for a team, please contact the relevant person below:

Team organisers and their contact details are found on our ‘contacts page.