Tuesday September 26, 2023
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Show Jumping

Team show jumping is great fun and is best to get involved with sooner, rather than later, to gain experience as you move up the levels. Team competitions are very different from jumping at home, so it is better to start off by being cautious and putting yourself down for lower level teams first, letting your success take you up through the levels.

Full details of Pony Club Show Jumping can be found here:


The heights for most competitions are:

PC70: Jumps from 60 to 75cm depending on the competition

PC80: Maximum height 85cm  = BS Jnr Novice 

PC90: Maximum height 95cm = BS Jnr Discovery

PC100: Maximum height 1.05m = BS Jnr Newcomers

PC Open: Maximum height 1.15m = BS Jnr Foxhunter

We offer tuition for everyone, whatever level you are at. Training sessions are not compulsory for general team selection, but you do need to attend a minimum of two jumping rallies so we can meet you and your pony. The groups are planned to try to ensure you and your pony get the very best training. We look at both the pony’s and the rider’s experience and ability. We want happy, confident ponies – which might not mean you jumping the biggest fences. So it is important that you give us as much accurate information as possible, keeping us updated with your current competition form, letting us know the good news and the bad, so we can try and help sort out any possible problems.

We try to send as many teams as possible to Pony Club competitions so you get lots of practice, make friends and have lots of fun. If you are interested in joining a team at a local competition, please contact the relevant person for your level.

Team organisers and their contact details are found under ‘contacts’

Area qualifying competitions are tough with high standards and lots of pressure, so we only select the strongest combinations for each level. For these competitions, we are unable to consider you unless you are successfully competing as a combination at the level you wish to represent the branch. Teams will be chosen based on your competition results and commitment to training and the branch, please see our team selection policy.

In order for you to plan your training programme look on the Area 13 calendar on the PCUK website (or follow the link on the left) for show jumping dates. However, you need to think carefully about which level you would like to compete at and check the eligibility rules on the main pony club web site – a single wrong competition at a higher level could make you ineligible forever and means you might miss out on team competitions best suited for the success of you and your pony.

The full Show Jumping Rule book can be downloaded here:  Show Jumping Rules