Monday December 11, 2023
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Tetrathlon & Triathlon

Our Tetrathlon Organiser is Flora Harrap, please contact her if you are interested in training or being on a team. 

Tetrathlon is a four-part competition, for teams and individuals, combining cross country riding (or sometimes Show Jumping) with three unmounted phases: swimming, running and air pistol shooting.  Triathlon is a winter competition which omits the riding phase. Tetrathlon is a very sociable discipline and there are lots of opportunities to cheer on your team mates.

Age categories are Beanies (Under 8s), Tadpoles (8 – 9),  Mini (10 -11), Junior (12 -14) and Intermediate/Open (15 – 24). Age is taken as at 1st January in each year.

Full details of Tetrathlon can be found here:

SHOOT (see separate page for full details of our shooting training.)
A total of ten shots at a target (7 metres away for Minis and Junior, 10 metres for Intermediate/Open) on the instructions of a range master; Tadpoles and Minis may shoot two handed. Children must be aged 8 or over to be allowed to shoot. Chiddingfold owns 2 air pistols and regular tuition is available to encourage all levels of competitor. Those under 8 can do Super-Mini triathlons where they aim a beanbag at a target rather than shooting a pistol.
Shooting training is taken by Andrea & Andy Hurley:  – details are on the fixtures list but you can also contact them directly to arrange training.

A timed cross country run. Beanies run 500 metres, Tadpoles and Minis 1000 metres, Juniors and Intermediate/Open Girls 1500 metres, Intermediate Boys 2000 metres and Open boys 3000 metres.

Points are awarded for how far competitors can swim freestyle (a combination of styles is allowed) in a certain time. For Tadpoles and Minis it is 2 minutes, Open Boys 4 minutes and all others 3 minutes. Weaker swimmers are catered for with outside lanes and swim aids often allowed to encourage younger children.

A cross country course (60-70cm for Tadpoles, 70-80cm for Minis, Juniors 90cm, Intermediate 1m and Open 1.10m). There is usually a gate to open on horseback and a slip rail where riders dismount and lead their pony through, then re-mount to continue the course.

If you would like to have a go we’d love to see you at one of our shooting practices or rallies.

The full rule book for Tetrathlon can be downloaded from here:

Tetrathlon Rulebook