Wednesday March 22, 2023
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Area and Team selection policy

During the summer months there are a number of main competitions for which we select Chiddingfold teams on an annual basis.

Area and National Championships Eligibility

All members need to comply with the Three Rally Rule in order to compete at Area level in 2023. The year for rallies runs from 1st July so rallies attended in 2022 count for this year’s Area Competitions although at least one rally must be in 2023.Please speak to Liz and Lara if your child is at University or full time work.

It is not essential for you to have completed the above with the horse/pony you intend to ride as we understand there may be difficulty if you change and get a new horse/pony half way through the year. If this is the case however, we must have evidence that the horse/pony you intend to ride has competed at the level or height you wish to ride as a partnership.

In addition to this we also require:

  • That you have competed successfully ‘at the level’. We may use recent competition results to help our decision, so please keep the discipline organisers up to date with how you are doing.
  • That you have been a regular and committed ‘team player’. That you are prepared to stick with your team throughout the day, being tolerant and supportive of each other and happy to follow any instructions you are given by the team manager. That you represent the Branch well; you are well turned out, polite and stay to attend prizegiving (correctly dressed) with your team mates. And also that you support the branch and it’s activities throughout the year.
  • That your parents support and encourage you in your team’s efforts and that they too, respect our decisions or those of the team manager. Volunteering at Chiddingfold Pony Club events will be looked on most favourably!

When choosing teams, preference will be given to those members who have attended regular training sessions that are relevant to the discipline, as well as represented the Branch at competitions.

Area qualifiers can be found on the Area 13 calendar

There are also other team events which take place throughout the year which start from a very young age which enables members to experience riding and representing the branch at the different disciplines. Information about these events will be placed on the Chiddingfold ‘Whats app’ page with instructions on how to enter. With these team events, it is about gaining experience and we are fully inclusive of anyone who would like to have a go. If you are interested in representing the club please let the relevant organiser know.

 We actively encourage all our members to participate in Pony Club competitions either as individuals or as part of team.

  • Please remember when you are out and about competing that you are representing The Chiddingfold Branch of the Pony Club and that you should always behave appropriately.
  • Be polite to officials, including jump judges on XC course – they are all volunteers. Please thank the Secretary, Official Steward or DC if possible before leaving.
  • When riding as part of a team make sure you support the other members of the team even if your day hasn’t gone well.
  • If you are placed, you MUST attend the prize giving and make sure you are appropriately dressed in your Show attire (not XC clothing).

Team Attire when representing Chiddingfold Pony Club

Smart clean show jacket for SJ/Dressage with a white shirt and either a pony club tie or pony club stock.

Long boots or Jodhpur boots with optional Chaps (should be the same colour as the boots)

Chiddingfold XC shirt and silk are expected to be worn for the XC phase of an ODE when you are competing for Chiddingfold.

When representing Chiddingfold as part of a team, especially at the area and national competitions the horses/ponies are expected to wear a white branch saddlecloth, this can be purchased from Team Edwards Designs.