Tuesday November 29, 2022
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Area & Team Selection Policy

There is one standard Pony Club rule, which applies to everyone. It states that, as a bare minimum, to be considered for selection to an Area Team, each member should have attended at least 3 working rallies since 1st July in the previous year, and at least one has to have been this current year. Ponies should have done likewise, though not necessarily with the same rider for all, nor even in the same branch, but at least one rally has to be with the combination of horse and rider. Camp counts as one rally.

There may be team selection rallies that you will be expected to attend if you wish to be considered for an area team and you will need to be available to attend the Championships should the team qualify.

In addition to this we also require:

  • That you have competed successfully ‘at the level’. We may use recent competition results to help our decision, so please keep the discipline organisers up to date with how you are doing.
  • That you have been a regular and committed ‘team player’. That you are prepared to stick with your team throughout the day, being tolerant and supportive of each other and happy to follow any instructions you are given by the team manager. That you represent the Branch well; you are well turned out, polite and stay to attend prizegiving (correctly dressed) with your team mates. And also that you support the branch and it’s activities throughout the year.
  • That your parents support and encourage you in your team’s efforts and that they too, respect our decisions or those of the team manager. Volunteering at Chiddingfold Pony Club events will be looked on most favourably!


General SJ & Eventing Team Selection

It is our branch policy that Members wishing to be selected for teams are expected to attend training and we will only put someone on a SJ or Eventing team at a height we have seen them schooling and competing safely over (on the horse on which they wish to compete on the team). A horse/pony and rider must complete a minimum of 2 clear cross country rounds (as a combination) before moving up a level.


Equine ‘Flu’ Vaccinations

It is essential that those competing at Area level and attending Camp should have their animals fully vaccinated. It is also strongly recommended that all ponies/horses be vaccinated in any case.  Present minimum requirements are two initial injections separated by 30-90 days, followed by a first booster 150-210 days later and then annual vaccinations within the year.  It is recommended that you discuss booster vaccinations every 6 months with your vet.


Horse Passports

These are compulsory for all horses and ponies travelling in the UK. If any member still requires information about passports please look on the BEF website, this links through to the DEFRA site.


Refund Policy

The committee is run entirely by volunteers (most of whom also work), and organising rallies and events is extremely time consuming. All rallies are planned carefully around the number of riders wanting to attend – and instructors and venues are booked accordingly. 

Once you have booked a rally/event, we will only be able to issue a refund if:

  • there are people on a waiting list who are able to take your place.
  • you can show a valid vets certificate/Doctors certificate which prevents you or your pony from attending

We reserve the right to charge an administration fee for any changes requested.


Equality Policy

As a club, we pride ourselves in being fully inclusive to everyone, irrespective of gender, race, and disability. For more details, the Pony Club Equality Policy can be found here

Safeguarding Policy

The Pony Club takes safeguarding extremely seriously, and committee members attend regular training. All committee members and instructors have current safeguarding certification. Our Safeguarding representative is Liz Cross, and any safeguarding concerns should be reported to her through our chiddingfold@pcuk.org email address. For more information on the Pony Club safeguarding guidelines, please click here

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy can be found here