Wednesday October 27, 2021
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Pony Club Summer Camps

Summer Camp 2021 for ages 8/9 and over will be from 4th – 8th August 2021 at  Stockbridge Farm, Tilford, GU102DA you will need to be confidently off lead and in control in open spaces!  u10s will be able to camp but will need an adult camping with them, those aged 10 and over will be camping.   

Here is a short slideshow kindly prepared by Izzy D summarising everything you need to know!

Please note our Camp Rules – they can be read here

It is really, really important that your ponies are fit for camp. Please read our Pony Welfare suggestions here

Kit list Here

Please can all attendees make sure that they have completed this online information form for us by the 4th July, as well as the Medical consent form which can be found here


For more information see below:

Set Up

You will be able to set up your stables and tents between 4 and 7pm on Tuesday 3rd August, however there will be no camping for children or ponies on Tuesday night, Camp starts properly on Wednesday morning.


Horse Feed and Bedding

This year we are NOT ALLOWED to use shavings.  Horses that cannot go on straw have the option of using hemp bedding, but we recommend that no more than 1 bale of hemp is used for the duration of camp.


If you would like your bedding (straw or hemp) and hay delivered straight to camp, we are giving you the option to place an order (and pay!)  through Fawley Farm Feeds  in Froxfield  by 27th July who will deliver straight to Stockbridge. If you would like to take up this option, please call them on 07889835107, or email  stating that it is for the Chiddingfold camp starting 4th August, and the name of your child(ren). Their Hemp is £8.98 a bale, straw is £4.75 and hay is £5 a bale.

When ordering bedding, please bear the environment in mind – the stables are on grass so you do not need massive beds – just plenty of banks, so one bale of hemp/2 bales of straw should be sufficient for camp!


Please make up each individual feed for the week (8) with any supplements already added, in individual named bags.  I.e. Nobby Smith, Thursday morning.  Any equine medicines should be kept separately in a named container and must be handed to the Stable Manager with full instructions for use.

There will be designated Stable Managers who will be responsible for overseeing the ponies staying at camp, including checking them last thing at night.


Arrival time on Wednesday morning is from 8am, there will be a COMPULSORY MEETING for children and parents/carers at 9am to go through Camp rules and what to expect for the week.


As this camp is residential, all food & drink will be provided throughout camp. This includes for parents who are staying, but the quid pro quo is that you will be expected to help with washing up, tidying up, breakfast etc.


Please bring – A NAMED WATER BOTTLE and some cake(s)/biscuits on the first day, these will be shared out at tea times throughout the week.


Typical Day’s Timetable (after first morning)

Each morning all tack will be checked for safety and cleanliness.


7am                 Get up and feed ponies, wash

8am                 Riders’ breakfast

9am                 Mucking out

10am               Tack up

10.30am          First ride followed by some stable management

12/12.30pm    Lunch

1.15pm            Activities

2/2.30pm        Second ride followed by tack cleaning

3.30pm            Activities

4.30pm            Settle ponies

6pm                 Supper and evening activities


Children sleeping arrangements

This year we are allowing children to sleep in twos or threes in their lorries if they would like. If you do not have a lorry to sleep in then it will be camping in tents. Your child may have a preference for who they share with, in which case please let us know on the info form. If your child doesn’t have a preference and would like us to group them please let me know! If you have a large tent and your child would rather sleep in a larger group that is fine, just please let us know on the form. We want everyone to have a fantastic time though, so if there is any sign of cliques forming we reserve the right to disband a tent!  


We have thirteen boys camping this year, so they will have their own separate ‘boy zone’.


This year we also have a number of children who are under 11 camping. If you feel that your child is not able to look after either themselves or their pony independently then we ask that parents camp too (but not with their children, unless you have concerns about behaviour!)  If you intend to stay, please can you indicate on the online info form so we have an idea of numbers. Parents who stay will be expected to help out, and added to our rota, and expected to provide their own eating utensils!


There will be a family BBQ, social afternoon on Saturday.


**SAFETY NOTICE:  Stockbridge Farm is near the river and this will be fenced off. Any child found on the river side of any of the fencing will be asked to leave camp immediately.**


Tadpole Camp 2021 for ages 9 and under will be 13th – 15th August 2021 at Chase Farm, this is a non-residential camp for our youngest and less experienced riders, on or off the lead.     £20 deposit required to book your space.