Sunday September 24, 2023
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Tests and Training

The Pony Club Training structure encourages Members to take Tests which enable them to learn progressively about horse and pony care and riding.  The Tests are designed with certain objectives in mind.

For further information on what is required for any Test, please refer to the Pony Club website Pony Club Tests

E TEST (Optional) – Minimum age 4+ : Felt colour Pale Yellow

The Pony Club Road Rider Mini Achievement Badge

D TEST – Minimum age 8 : Felt colour Yellow

D+ TEST – Minimum age 10 : Felt colour White

The Pony Club Road Rider Achievement Badge

C TEST – Minimum age 11 : Felt colour Green

  • C TEST – RIDING: Felt Colour Grey
  • C TEST – HORSE & PONY CARE Felt Colour Meadow Green

C+ TEST – Minimum age 13 : Felt colour Pink

  • C+ TEST – RIDING: Felt Colour Burgundy
  • C+ TEST – HORSE & PONY CARE: Felt Colour Turquoise

The Pony Club Road Rider Test – Minimum age 12


The BHS Riding and Road Safety Test

B TEST – Minimum age 15: Felt colour Red

  • B TEST – RIDING: Felt colour Beige
  • B TEST – HORSE & PONY CARE: Felt colour Brown

*For D, C and B Efficiency Test certificates to be awarded members must have attained the relevant Road Rider Achievement Badge/Test

*Members holding C+ Test (Horse & Pony Care) may progress to B Test (Horse & Pony Care), Lungeing and AH. To take B Test (Riding), Members must hold full C+ Test

COACHING CERTIFICATE (Optional) minimum age 18 (Full B Test required)

LUNGEING TEST – Minimum age 16 : Felt colour Light Blue

AH TEST – Minimum age 17 : Felt colour Orange or Salmon Pink if with Honours

B+ TEST – Minimum age 16 : Felt colour Pale Purple

A TEST – Minimum age 18 : Felt colour Blue or Purple if with Honours

* Members holding B Test (Horse & Pony Care) may progress to Lungeing and AH. To take the A Test, Members must hold B Test (Riding and Horse & Pony Care)

There will be regular test training throughout the year. Please contact Heidi Reed for more information on tests and training.