Saturday January 28, 2023
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Shooting (part of Tetrathlon)


Part of Tetrathlon is Air Pistol Shooting

Chiddingfold has a vibrant Tetrathlon community and some very strong shooters.  We are lucky to have really well qualified shooting instructors who run regular training sessions throughout the year.

It is vital that you come to training for the shooting part because you are not allowed to compete unless you are signed off as safe to do so.   All our training is available to book via the online entries page – dates are constantly added.  If you would like 1:1 coaching please contact our trainers directly, they are always happy to help.


Pony Club have special targets with nice wide scoring rings

In a competition you get 3 targets.

The first is a practice target and you can take up to 5 shots on this one.

Then you get 2 competition targets, you shoot 5 shots onto each and your score for each target is added together and multiplied by 10.   A maximum score is 1000 – it is not as easy as you think!


You can shoot in Tetrathlon from the age of 8!                                               

Those aged 8 – 11 shoot with 2 hands at a distance of 7 meters.  The targets are usually electronic and you get 4 seconds to take your shot before they turn away from you…

At some competitions the targets will be static for those aged 8 and 9 which means you get a little bit longer to take your shots.



Those aged 12 to 14 shoot with 1 hand only at a distance of 7 metres. The targets are always turning at this level so you have 4 seconds to shoot.

For those aged 15 and over the targets are moved back to 10 metres and you have to shoot 1 handed in 4 seconds.



As you can see from the pictures there are a variety of guns used but they are all .177 (4.5mm) calibre air pistols.  The branch have a selection to train with and all equipment is provided for our members to train and compete until they feel they might want to get their own gun.

We train all ages and levels of shooter and have had lots of success in helping our members shoot in Areas & Championships as well as some of them progressing  to the British Shooting, Schools’ competition finals for the last 3 years.   Lots of British National level shooters started at Pony Club.

For more information about shooting please contact Andrea Hurley 07967 683207 or email