Monday December 10, 2018
C Test Training sessions

The following training sessions have been arranged for those Members taking their C Test in April and are available to book on the Events Booking page:

1. 26th February, 1hr riding, Upper Norton from 1pm with Laura Bennett £10

2. 12th March, 1hr riding plus 1/2 hr Horse & Pony care, Upper Norton from 2 pm with Laura Bennett. £15

3. 25th March,Horse & Pony Care, 1hr un-mounted, Gumburn Farm, afternoon, with Laura Bennett £10

4. 10th April, Riding XC, 12-3pm, ACE cross country with Laura Bennett. £20

5. 19th April, Mock C test, Upper Norton with Laura Bennett – time to be confirmed. £10

These sessions will also be working rallies and all members are welcome.

Thank you.