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Definition of a Working Rally:

The Pony Club defines a Working Rally as ‘one at which instruction is given and which is open to all members of the Branch within the age range for which it was intended. It may be either mounted or dismounted (the latter usually for horse and pony care training), advertised at least seven days prior to the date of the rally and organised by the DC/Branch Committee’.

Rallies form the backbone of our Pony Club activities and we aim to provide a regular programme at a variety of venues. The emphasis is on fun as well as learning to ride and care for your pony/horse.

Most rallies last for 1 hour and there are usually between 2 and 6 children in each ride.

Members will be given the opportunity to work towards their Pony Club badges during rallies – details of the relevant badge will be available before hand so you can revise if you wish!

Working General Rally

This may include a couple of jumps but will usually be limited due to the size of the arena. General purpose tack is recommended for this rally.

Working Flat Rally

This will not include any type of jump and will focus mainly on flatwork and preparing for a dressage test.

Working Show Jumping Rally

This will include a full course of jumps at the appropriate level for ability.

Working Cross Country Rally

This will be a rally at a cross country location and will involve a variety of XC jumps according to ability.

You will need to have attended at least one Working General Rally on your current pony/horse before attending a XC or SJ Rally or training.

Body protectors are compulsory at XC rallies and hats should not have fixed peaks.

All rallies are open to all members and can be booked via the Events Booking page.

For Area Competitions, members must have attended at least 3 Working Rallies since the previous 1st July to be eligible to represent their Branch. Camp counts as one Working Rally. Team Practices or Coaching sessions do not count as Working Rallies.


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