Sunday January 26, 2020
Dress Code & COTHPC Merchandise

The Pony Club prides itself on the turnout of its members and at COTH PC we encourage our members to take  increasing responsibility for this as they get older. Many of the rules relating to tack and turnout at PC events are made with safety and the welfare of the horse/pony in mind.

At working rallies each rider is given a score for their tack and turnout. These are added up during the year and the junior & senior members with the highest scores win a trophy at the end of the year.

Working Rallies:

  • Tack should be clean and well fitted and comply with the saddlery permitted in the Discipline Rule books.
  • Pony clean and well groomed
  • Numnahs/saddlecloths should be plain white, cream, black, brown or navy. Try and avoid logo’s other than the branch logo.
  • Jodhpurs – white, cream, beige, black, brown or navy
  • White shirt with PC tie and tweed riding jacket or navy polo shirt and sweatshirt either plain or with the branch logo. Please no hoodies.
  • Pony Club badge and relevant felt
  • Gloves – white, cream, black, brown or navy
  • Hairnet & long hair secured appropriately
  • Jodhpur boots and half chaps or jodhpur clips. Plain black or brown.
  • Approved riding helmet with hat silk – black, brown or navy. (see below).
  • No jewellery other than a wrist watch, tie clip or stock pin placed horizontally
  • Arms should be covered for jumping

Cross country Rallies

  • As above but members may wear their cross country colours if wished
  • Arms must be covered
  • Body protector
  • Medical armband
  • Riding helmet should not have a fixed peak


  • As above however members may wear jodhpurs and riding tops of different colours and with decorative features if wished.

Pony Care Sessions:

  • As for Working Rallies including riding helmets and jodhpur boots however if held in the village hall members can dress as wished  and boots and helmets would not be needed.


Spurs may be worn at Rallies and other events. There is no longer a requirement for permission to wear spurs below B Test. Proper training for the use of spurs is still strongly advised (via our coaches) and misuse will be reported to the DC, Area Rep and Training Chairman.

Riding Helmets

These must comply with the current Pony Club standards which can be checked here. Please note that these standards changed as of 1st January 2018.

Your hat needs to be tagged with an aquamarine Pony Club tag to show that it is an approved model.

Your hat can be checked and tagged by Luise Harrison and this should be available at most Rallies. If you need your hat tagged and you are not sure when you are going to see us please contact us.

 Pony Club Merchandise

COTH pony club clothing is available to order from Debbie Darby.

Polo shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, base layers and body warmers are available for members in child and adult sizes.  

Pony Club saddlecloths are also available and can be personalised if wished.

Please see the current price list below:

Clifton merchandise price list 2017

If you would like to make an order please use the following Order Form. Please send it with a cheque made payable to vicarage designs to:

Mrs Debbie Darby

Cherry Tree Barn, Naunton Farm, Holt Heath, Worcs WR6 6NG

Alternatively you can email your order and Debbie will send you a Paypal invoice.

Please note that it is not compulsory for your child to have Pony Club clothing to wear to rallies and other events.