Sunday January 26, 2020


What is Dressage?:

Dressage is about showing the judge that you can get your pony to do what you want him to do, when you want him to do it. You and your pony have to follow a set of instructions laid out in the dressage test. A judge marks the test. They give you a mark out of ten for how well you carry out each instruction. At the end of the test the marks are added up and the winner is the horse and rider with the highest score.

How Do I Start?

The good news is that you have probably already started doing some Dressage! When you are riding at home and getting your pony to do the things that you want him to do you are already practising the basics of Dressage. To improve you may want to have some lessons. At Pony Club instruction in Dressage is given at working rallies,  working flat rallies and Dressage training.


As you and your pony get better and your confidence grows you may want to take part in a competition. There are lots of opportunities locally to have a go at a competition. Lincomb, Stourport Riding Centre, Allens Hill & Kings Equestrian all offer unaffiliated Dressage events. You could start with a walk and trot test and see how you get on! If you cannot remember your dressage test, don’t worry because someone can call the test for you to start with. By the time you get to the Area competitions and Championships you will be so well practised that you will be able to remember the tests without a caller.

Area Dressage 2018

This year there is a dressage level at Area for everyone who wishes to compete even if they have never done a dressage test before.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Horse/pony and rider combination must have attended at least 3 Working Rallies since 1st July in the previous year and at least one in the current year.
  • In addition are required to have attended Working Flat Rallies or Dressage Training sessions.
  • Have a recent competition record at the level you wish to compete at Area. (Does not apply to Grassroots level)
  • Ultimately, the decision for selection rests with the DCs, with advice taken from the Dressage coaches

If you are taking part in the Area Dressage competitions this year please make sure you are familiar with the rules:

Dressage Rules 2018