Sunday January 26, 2020


What is Eventing?

Eventing could be termed an ‘equestrian triathlon’. It involves working with your pony/horse both on the flat and over jumps. Today, the sport is most known for its cross country phase where horse and rider gallop over an outside course of solid obstacles which the horse has never seen before. Eventing is an Olympic discipline in which Great Britain has a long tradition amongst very competitive fields.

Eventing is split into three phases:

Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country

At the end of the competition, scores for all the competitors are totalled. Each test is scored individually and the penalties accrued are added together for the final results. The lowest score is the winning score.

In team competitions the best three scores count and the team with the lowest total are the winners.

How do I Start?

We offer working cross country rallies and training  usually from late Spring depending on the weather.


There are plenty of opportunities to have a go at eventing competitions during the Summer months. Many of these will be on the Events Calendar but it is worth keeping an eye on the websites of our neighbouring Pony Clubs and equestrian centres such as Solihull & Lincomb.

If you enjoy eventing you may wish to represent the branch in a team at the Area 9 competition.  The Area competitions give you an opportunity to compete against riders from neighbouring Pony Clubs and potentially qualify for the Pony Club Championships (Novice, Intermediate & Open only) which are held at the end of August.


You will need to meet the eligibility criteria for Area Eventing in order to be considered for entry either as an individual or as part of a team. Please see below.

Area Eventing 2018

Eligibility Criteria for Area Eventing:

  • Horse/Pony and rider combination must have attended at least 3 Working Rallies since 1st July in the previous year and at least one in the current year, as for the other disciplines, in order to be considered to represent the Branch at Novice, Intermediate or Open level.
  • In addition, they are required to attend Working XC Rallies or XC Training sessions.
  • Must aim to complete 2 XC clears in the current season at their intended height for Area, supported by a competition record which includes date of event, venue, class and result. These should be at One Day Events ie. not Arena Eventing, Hunter Trials or Eventer Challenge.
  • A photo of the results board or official results printout will be accepted as evidence of competency.
  • Ultimately, the decision for selection rests with the DCs, with advise taken from the Eventing Coaches.

Eventing Manager: Debbie Darby

Eventing Rules 2018

Information regarding dressage tests for Area and Championship 2018 competitions can be found here.