Sunday January 26, 2020
Show Jumping



What is Show Jumping?

Show Jumping is a fun and exciting activity, which requires skill technique and a good level of riding ability. It takes place indoors and outdoors and can be enjoyed all year round and is an excellent way of keeping your pony/horse fit. Involves jumping a course of jumps made of coloured poles which are easy to knock down. The winner is the rider who jumps the course in the best time with the fewest faults.

How do I Start?

Pony Club Working rallies usually include some jumping , so this is a good place to see if you like it. You could then come along to some Show Jumping rallies or training sessions to progress further.


If you fancy having a go at a Show Jumping competition there are lots of opportunities throughout the year. Centres such as Kings Equestrian and Allens Hill run regular unaffiliated competitions often with a clear round session at the beginning. This is the perfect opportunity to practice and consolidate what you have learnt in rallies and training. There are also many Pony Club competitions during the year and many of these are Team competitions which are great fun as you are competing with your friends in a team!

The Pony Club holds two competitions each year:

–          The Pony Club Dengie Winter League Show Jumping

–          The Virbac 3D Worming Pony Club Area Show Jumping & Championships 

Area Show Jumping 2018

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Horse/pony and rider combination must have attended at least 3 Working Rallies since 1st July in the previous year and at least one in the current year.
  • In addition are required to attend Working Show Jumping Rallies or Show Jumping Training sessions.
  • Have a recent competition record at the height you wish to enter in the Area competition.
  • Ultimately, the decision for selection rests with the DCs, with advice taken from the Show Jumping coaches.

Show Jumping Manager : Luise Harrison

Show Jumping Rules 2018