Tuesday January 26, 2021
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Our History – Wimbledon

Wimbledon Pony Club Camp – Bagshot Surrey 1953Join_Today

Click on the images below to see some wonderful history of the Wimbledon Pony Club Camp..

Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 13.26.11  A large gathering from Wimbledon Pony Club sit on, and groom their pony’s. A young rider has her stirrups adjusted. They are assembled in a field at Robinhood Gate. Parents look on as the group ride away. Shots of them riding on city roads and onto country lanes next to fields. Pony’s are fed and watered. They ride on. Camping at Bagshot. They clean their shoes and prepare their tackle. Collecting straw and water for the ponies. The horses are housed in a large barn. A girl grooms her pony’s tail. The riders assemble for a gymkhana. A young girl polishes her harness. The group ride round a field.


Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 13.26.20 As they ride round they are judged. Various riders are given Rosettes as they sit on their ponies. The girls run to their ponies, leap on and gallop to a finishing line. In another race they have to ride up to a filled sack, lift the sack onto the Pony and ride away. One girl is having great difficulty keeping her pony still to load up the sack. A second group attempt the race. CA’s to onlookers. They have a jumping competition followed by more Rosette giving. A tiny girl on a pony hands out rosettes to older girls. Parents look on proudly.