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The majority of our Pony Club coaches are BHS qualified, all have current First Aid, DBS, CPD and Safeguarding Certifications and insurance in place. Most of them are on the current list of BHS, BE, BD or BS Accredited Coaches


PAT EVANS: BHS Level 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship with Level 4 CoachingJoin_Today

Pat_InstructorPat Evans has ridden since she was 2 years old. She joined the Wimbledon Pony Club when she was 7 years old and later belonged to several BHS Riding Clubs in Surrey.

Pat was a Riding Club examiner up to and including Grade 3 for many years. Having started her horse, Flight of the Phoenix, in all disciplines, the mare went on to be professionally ridden in Grade A at international venues, before coming back to Pat to be ridden at Area Riding Club level in dressage and eventing.

Pat has trained with Pat Burgess (Olympic Eventing Trainer), Robert Pickles and Geoff Dorsett and many other international and national trainers. She qualified for the Intermediate Teaching Test at Wellington in 1990.

Pat enjoys teaching all levels and ages, is a PC B Test Examiner and still spends time organising test training for members of the Cobham and Wimbledon Pony Club.


CarolineCaroline Stevenson BHSI started her equestrian career when she joined Wimbledon Pony Club almost 40 years ago and never looked back.

The Pony Club was a great encourager and working through the tests was a great way to further her equine knowledge and make lifelong friends.

Caroline and her sister-in-law Carol Andrews have owned and worked at Wimbledon Village Stables for 30 years and their now grown up daughters were also second generation Wimbledon Pony Club members with numerous annual camps behind them.

Inspirational pony club teachers imparted an enthusiasm for coaching others at all standards and when the day job permits Caroline teaches at camp and examines BHS Road Safety tests. 

HUGH TRAIN: Performance Coach BHSI

Hugh Train

Hugh Train BHSI, was a Wimbledon Pony Club member from 7 years old until he reached 25. He has now come full circle and wants to give something back to the branch that has supported him over the years.

Hugh is an eventer and freelance coach operating in the Surrey area. He coaches for several different branches of the Pony Club in Areas 11 and 13, as well as individual clients.

After a degree course at Durham university Hugh achieved his full BHSI in 2018 aged 24 and qualified as a Centre 10 Advanced Coach with Insight into Sports Psychology in 2019.

Hugh is out most weekends competing his own three event horses: Second City (10), Jesmond Jasmine (7) and Jesmond Shakala (6). 

CAMILLA JAMES : Advanced dressage rider and trainer based in Surrey, UK – BHS/BD registered

Coaching all abilities from intro to advanced.

Sympathetic approach whether you are in pony club, an eventer wishing to improve your dressage, need to work on your more advanced movements or just want to improve your flat work.

Camilla has successfully competed in PSG Music National Championships, National and International Young Horse Championships on more than one horse, has represented England (South) at the Home International and competed in lots of Regional and National Championships at all levels. Camilla trains with Andrew Gould and has also trained with Charlotte Dujardin,  Camilla makes regular coaching visits to Emirates Equestrian Centre, Dubai.


Fiona Kashel is a professional three day event rider who produces and rides horses up to advanced level. She has been ranked in the top 100 riders in the country for the past 5 consecutive years. In 2018 she was chosen to represent Great Britain in the Nations Cup at Haras Du Pin in France. In addition she runs Ponds Equestrian, a livery yard in the Surrey Hills. She enjoys teaching at all levels and gets a lot of satisfaction from watching her pupils succeed and achieve their goals whether it be having the confidence to canter out hacking or gain rosettes.



Leanne Wall is a British Dressage Pony, Junior and Young Rider team selector, former Chef d’Equipe and an outstanding, well respected communicator. Leanne is a British Dressage List 1 judge, BD youth test assessor and PC visiting coach based in Kent. Leanne’s qualifications include UKCC4, BHS Stage 4 Senior Coach and British Dressage Accredited Coach. She trains competitors, riders and coaches involved in a broad spectrum of equine pursuits including dressage, eventing, show jumping and driving. Her clients include Junior, Young and Senior International Riders.


“To always keep in the forefront of my mind an appreciation of a holistic rider centered approach, where a rider feels valued and empowered, enabling them to reach their full potential. An open mindedness with vision to ensure all parties are always thinking forward”

PIPPA REFFOLD UKCC level 2 Pony Club Coach.

Pippa actively supports 3 Pony Club branches with rallies, mini, junior and senior camps, one to one coaching sessions as well as clinics.  Covers all disciplines dressage, flat work, show jumping and cross country.

In the past Pippa was herself London Schools Riding Champion twice, and trained her last horse and current horse to BD medium level. Recently she schooled her daughter’s coloured cob to achieve more than 65% in 5 dressage competitions last year. (she was one of the cheekiest horses I have ever ridden – not an angel). Competed in numerous BD dressage, Combined Training, Show Jumping, Showing and ODE’s.

Pippa’s other job is as a business coach and Human Resource Consultant.  Pippa loves coaching children and adults to achieve things they never thought they could with their horses and ponies.

ALISON CRAIG Performance Coach BHSI

Alison Craig, BHSI, CRC Trainer, BD Accredited Trainer and Judge, and BD Youth Assessor.  Alison started her competitive career with Lanark and Renfrew Pony Club in Scotland, and evented and dressaged her way through to various Pony Club National Championships in her teens.  A business degree at Edinburgh University meant riding for Edinburgh, Scottish and British teams – the best education, riding lots of different horses and team-coaching each other on the way.  Alison also evented and competed to Prix St Georges dressage and gained her BHSII whilst at University.  Chartered Accountancy qualification and an enjoyable Management Consulting career then intervened, as well as continuing to ride and coach,  followed by her BHSI (Stage 5) exams, and more freelance coaching.

Alison is  Equestrian Director of the St Teresa’s School (Effingham) Equestrian Centre (for her daughter’s old school, part-time) and Proprietor of their PC Centre, and also freelance coaching and a Pony Club Specialist Dressage Coach.  She is always engaged in some form of self-development – including being a graduate of the Applied Psychology for Equestrian Coaches (APEC) Centre 10 Advanced programme.  As well as being a freelance trainer, freelance coach and dressage judge, Alison is always available for advice.

TERRY ALLEN – BE Accredited Coach 

Having passed my Pony Club A Test when I was 19 years old, I went on in the industry to become a BHSI (Teaching) in 1982.

Following 9 years as Chief Instructor of Warlingham Pony Club, I became Chief Instructor of Wimbledon Branch from 1982-2006.

At present, I live locally in Wimbledon, and continue my activities as a freelance instructor and Pony Club A Test examiner. I regularly teach up to BHS Stage 4 at the Kingston Riding Centre and am a BE Accredited Trainer.

I train event horses up to and including 4 star level with international riders who have competed in both Olympics and Pan Am Games.  

LISA CUNNINGHAM Level 4 Performance Coach in Complete Horsemanship (BHSII)

At the age of 8, Lisa joined Sandown Chase pony club, achieving her PC A test and her BHSAI in 1987 when she was 18, whilst training with Sarah MacDonald (FBHS) at The Mill House.

Lisa then went on to run a livery/competition yard for two years whilst competing and helping to produce young horses.

On returning to The Mill House Lisa continued her training, whilst also coaching Sarah’s staff toward their BHS exams, passing her intermediate teach in 1995.

In 1996, Lisa was awarded the BHS young instructor scholarship and spent the two years granted, training with Ernest Dillon (FBHS)

She has enjoyed many years competing in all 3 disciplines but mainly Eventing and has had many years of involvement in the Pony Club, coaching, examining, helping on the committee or as a Pony Club mum!   

Lisa has two teenage sons who were both Pony Club members and is still busy freelance coaching and training staff at both the Mill House and Wimbledon Village Stables

MICHELLE WILKINSON BHSAI – Level 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship

Michelle is  a recently retired Mounted Police Officer and was Lead Coach at the Imber Court Metropolitan Police Training Centre from 2008-2018.  Michelle coaches at Cobham & Wimbledon, Mid Surrey, Bisley & Sandown Chase and Chiddingfold Farmers, and is a Pony Club B Test Assessor and National Mounted Police Assessor.

Currently she is enjoying having her own horse out doing RC


LUCY COLLINS BHSAI – Level 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship

I started my riding career aboard a piebald Shetland pony called Nippy who thought nothing of dragging me face down through the mud as he tore around the field…luckily things improved as I benefited from excellent tuition both in the UK and abroad and have successfully competed across dressage, show jumping and eventing disciplines.

As a fully qualified and registered BHS and UKCC coach, my main aim is to offer my clients the same sort of friendly personalised mentoring approach that made a real difference to my own riding. I like to base my coaching on sound, well proven principles that are safe and personally suited to each horse and rider combination. I believe very strongly that a comprehensive understanding of why we are doing something is paramount to building the firm foundations to success. I strive to achieve horse and rider working in harmony together through developing a common understanding and having a lot of fun along the way too!

I am based in Surrey and am lucky to have a thriving freelance business: my clients range from those just starting out, to those competing at Pony Club, Riding Club and grass roots levels. I frequently organise coaching at training facilities in Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex and accompany my clients to competitions for support whenever I can.

BECKY HOWELL BHSAI SE Level 3 Performance Coach in Complete Horsemanship

I run my own livery yard in Claygate, Surrey, and am available to teach Pony Club members and individual clients at either my own premises or elsewhere.  I enjoy helping riders build their own confidence in riding and horse care.  

I’m also happy to teach Stage 1,2,3, PTT and Pony Club tests including lunge test. I still train regularly myself and enjoy helping clients of all levels achieve their goals.


Jacqui Hindley BHSII Level 4 Performance Coach in Complete Horsemanship and Alexander Technique Teacher

Jacqui Hindley focusses on a classical approach to horsemanship with over 30 years experience, training initially with Harry Douglas FBHS and working with horses ever since.  Ten years spent in Australia doing everything from competing in eventing and dressage, learning about Natural Horsemanship and spending two months riding pack horses from Cockatoo to Canberra was an exciting and stimulating part of her equestrian life.  Jacqui returned to the UK and started training with David Pevsner FBHS who introduced her to Alexander Technique.  Qualifying as an Alexander Teacher herself in 1992, she applies this method within her teaching both on the ground and mounted.  While at David Pevsner’s yard she met Minette Rice-Edwards who owns Ham House Stables and teaches dressage clients up to Grand Prix.  Jacqui continues to work with Minette training both horses and riders.  Jacqui is herself still a Pony Club mum.

Maria Windsor BHSII SM Level 4 Performance Coach in Complete Horsemanship

Having ridden since aged 5 Maria has gone on to have a long career in the equine industry with a passion still for both riding and coaching.  Based in SW London/Surrey she is happy to coach PC, RC and those taking BHS exams.  Maria worked for William Fox-Pitt and Tim Stockdale and then in Holland at Reiner Klimkes subsidiary yard.  Here in the UK she has run 2 successful competition livery yards, competed at Newcomers SJ, Showing, Eventing, Working Hunter, Team Chasing and is currently competing in dressage at PSG and working at Grand Prix at home. 

Maria takes a holistic approach to coaching horse and rider, believing “there are many roads to Rome” and it’s just a case of finding the right road to suit the individual.

Jackie Stevens BHSII Level 4 Coach in Complete Horsemanship

Jackie is a freelance instructor and a competitor herself, based in Surrey teaching individual clients and also at local Riding Clubs and Pony Clubs in areas 12 and 13.  

Jackie has been competing for the last 50 odd years and enjoys eventing her current horse.   She is very passionate about her horses and teaching and gets so much pleasure seeing people she coaches improve and enjoy their riding even more

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