Monday November 28, 2022
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Competing for Cotswold Vale

Team managers

We have team managers for showjumping, eventing, dressage, mounted games, polo, pony racing and tetrathlon – and the team managers are your first point of contact if you would like to improve in a particular equestrian discipline and represent the Cotswold Vale in team competitions. Go to any of the discipline sections to find out more about training rallies and competitions organised by the team manager.

Dressage- Tracy Hayling

Eventing – Sally Savage

Mounted Games – Sarah Hance

Polo – TBC

Pony Racing – Helen Spencer

Showjumping – Katie Clarke

Anna Burch & Ruth Darling – Tetrathlon

Team selection

Team selection is decided by the trainer in discussion with the team manager, and will also involve the DC or assistant DC who has responsibility for overseeing that particular discipline.  We aim to be transparent, fair and inclusive in team selection decision, in line with the following selection criteria:

  • For Area level and above, members must have rejoined the Pony Club by 28 February of this year
  • Members much have attended the required number of working rallies (3 for all activities, except racing which is 4 rallies)
  • Riders must be an active Branch member with a good record of attendance (rallies, training, etc) with a high personal interest and commitment
  • Attendance at specific discipline training in preparation for selection will be taken into consideration
  • Members must be competent and safe to compete at that level/standard
  • A good team spirit is expected
  • Teams may be re-selected between Area and follow on competitions e.g. Zones/Championships

Please speak to your relevant team manager for more information on team selection – see relevant discipline page

It is recommended that you purchase the Current Rule Book for your chosen activity from Pony Club HQ