Monday March 25, 2019
Guidelines for attending rallies

We organises rallies for most weeks of the year across a variety of disciplines – there are plenty to choose from, for all ages and abilities!  Dates are published through the regular e-mail newsletter, and must be booked in advance. Rallies cost just £10 per rider, and are booked up through Sheila Smith (for general working rallies) or through team managers, who organise training rallies in their discipline.

  • Please bring yourself and your pony in correct pony club dress i.e. clean tack, plain numnah/girth, hacking jacket, Pony Club sweatshirt,  Pony Club tie (and Pony Club badge if you have one, with the felt showing your test level, if applicable)
  • Please make sure your tack is clean and fitting well and that will make your pony very happy: if you are unsure of the fit of tack please speak to your instructor
  • Please make sure that you arrive in plenty of time to tack up correctly and start the rally on time, as those who arrive late are disruptive and may miss vital safety checks and briefings
  • It is really important that you thank the instructors and organisers at the end of a rally. This is just as important when attending any other branch competitions/rallies
  • The Pony Club Training structure encourages members to take tests which enables them to learn progressively about horse and pony care and riding. The tests are taken at recommended ages and are designed with certain objectives in mind. Please look at the test section on the main Pony Club website
  • We believe it is very important that members take Riding and Road Safety training and tests, and we have a number of levels available within the branch – Mini Road Rider, Road Rider Achievement Badge (around 9 to 11 years) PC Road Rider Test and BHS test (from 12 years onwards). Please try and do a course, it will help to make you safer on the road – contact Chief Instructor Sarah Hance for more information mob: 07801 816595  email:
What to wear for rallies and team training

A reminder that all riders are expected to be turned out smartly for rallies and team training sessions, with white shirt and tie, and navy blue sweatshirt. Plain coloured jodphurs can be worn. Clothing can be purchased from Emma Hunter, contact details via website here 

The exception to this rule is Polo – in competiton, riders wear polo shirts (hmmm, wonder why they’re called that) and Vale members are therefore allowed to wear plain, casual shirts (but smart appearance please) for polo rallies instead of the usual white shirt and tie. 

CVFHPC working rally form – download and return with payment cheques payable CVFHPC) to Sheila Smith, 1 Forge Cottages, The Leigh, Glos. GL19 4AA (Tel: 01242 681240). Bookings for rallies are not accepted without payment.