Friday August 12, 2022
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Parent Rota


Please find below the first edition of the Parent Rota for 2020
The Hartpury Show Jumping, Tetrathlon, Area Mounted Games, Summer Show and Triathlon are a) nice events for our children to attend and b) raise funds which subsidise the cost of rallies, and cover the cost of equipment and general running costs of the Club. Pony Club activities depend on your support as volunteers.
It’s really important that the parent duties are shared fairly among all members, not just a willing few who commit their time every year, and I have given every family one rota duty.
If you cannot fulfil your allocated duty, it is your responsibility to find another parent willing to swap with you. It is not fair on the organiser of the relevant event, who will already have their hands full, to announce three days before the date that you aren’t coming.
Of course emergencies do occur, but please at least try to find someone to swap with, and notify me or the event organiser in good time. (The Facebook group is a good place to look to swap duties, if you can’t find a volunteer among your IRL friends).
If you are allocated to the Tetrathlon, you will get a separate email and please follow the instructions in that email so Anna Burch can organise this event efficiently. We recognise that this event is happening quite soon; unfortunately we can’t do the rota until memberships are renewed, so please bear with us.
Please address any queries on this, and send all information about agreed swaps, to
This rota doesn’t cover Senior, Junior and Mini Camp set-up or Battleaxe duties (for Seniors).
My aim is to confirm at least four weeks before an event the precise times and nature of your duty at that event. 
Thanks for your support and please be patient while the Rota takes shape.
Daniel Bingham
District Commissioner
Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt Pony Club
Telephone 0797 437 4336