Saturday August 13, 2022
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Essential info for Mounted Games

Essential Guide to Mounted Games for Members & Parents 2019 – or ‘Everything you always wanted to know about games but were afraid to ask!’

Please download and read our Guide here CVFHPC- Handbook for Games 2017  It is best to print it out in order to follow the correct sequence of pages!  If printing single-sided, just lay the pages back to back in order to get the correct sequence as an A5 booklet 🙂

Selecting teams for Areas/Zones/Championships

Team selection for these competitions is decided by the Team Trainer/s, supervising DC and Team Manager. To help ensure that selection is as fair and objective as possible, we use this form as the basis of our discussion, filling it in independently before we meet.  Of course, it pre-supposes we have the luxury of many children wanting to try for teams! By using this form, it  also means that the supervising DC can explain clearly and sympathetically to parents and children how decisions have been made, as appropriate, and keep the conversations positive and forward-looking. (NB Fortunately, it is only very occasionally that this is needed!). CVFH-selection-criteria-for-discussion-2017

 Stay in touch

The most efficient way to keep up-to-date is via our Facebook page ‘CVFH Games 2019’. This is set up as a ‘closed group’ page, you simply need to request to join. It is for parents whose children are current members of pony club, and is open to anyone in Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt to join. Members on Facebook who request to join the group will be included only if their parents also are members of the group.

Information is also circulated via the weekly CVFH newsletter that is emailed to parents.