Monday December 10, 2018
2017 Games Round UP

Our 2017 Round Up 

“It has been a privilege to see all of these riders start in games and progress to this level, their determination and enthusiasm to train week after week in rain and shine is a credit to them all and their parents and families as they have been 100% committed. I am very excited to move on to the next season with mounted games and we will not stop pushing forward until we get that HOYS ticket.  

Sarah – A very proud Team Trainer.

Feb 2017, Warwickshire Hunt

Cotswold Vale got off to a flying start with our first games competition hosted by Warwickshire Hunt. It was fantastic to see our club’s current strength and depth in games, with 23 riders competing as 2 senior teams, a junior team and 2 LR teams. Senior As finished second in the B final, Senior Bs were 4th in the D final, LR were 2nd and 3rd in the A final, and Juniors finished 3rd in the B final.

Even the organisers emailed to say: “We were very impressed with your teams, the standard of riding was fantastic, well done for all your training.” The organisers also had a chuckle that some Vale LR mums were doing actual proper warm up moves ahead of their races! #takingnoprisoners #gameface

March 2017, North Warwickshire Hunt PC

A small but perfectly formed team of four competed at North Warwickshire’s friendly competition, taking 4th in the B final. With Ellie Godfrey on Peppermint as ‘anchor’, we had three riders new to seniors this season, Sophie Godfrey, Lottie Glynn and Ellie Savage.

Area 9 Mounted Games – 23 April 2017, hosted by the Worcestershire Hunt

A really lovely, friendly event with 5 teams representing the Vale and, for the first time in years, Vale teams winning both the Senior and the Junior competitions. Equally important was the club’s strength in depth, with very young members (some just 5 yrs old) enjoying lead rein competition through to older ‘returners’ to determined juniors who want to go all the way into their teens with games. Senior A and Junior A qualify for Zones on 9 July, where the competition will be seriously hot. And all our riders will be doing friendly competitions during the season.

Senior A 1st (one point ahead of North Herefordshire, first time we’ve beaten them) – Harry Greasby, Amity Turner, Jemima Turner, Sam Wilkins, Ellie Godfrey
Senior B 3rd – Polly Turner, Minnie Turkington, Sophie Godfrey, Ellie Savage, Lottie Glynn
Senior C 6th – Amber Wilkins, Seth Turkington, Tilly King (OBH), Erin Kemple, Lucy TilleySenior Tack and Turnout, an almost-embarrassing clean sweep for the Vale – 1st A team, 2nd C team, 3rd B team


Our youngest riders had a great time speeding up and down, with some very game parents leading the way – run as two separate competition groups:
LR/Asssisted A: 2nd  – Sonny Turkington, Ellie Dean, Chloe Seabright, Florence Davies
LR/Assisted B: 1st  – Finn & Lucas Murphy, Lottie Beachus, Flo Newhook, Heidi Powell

Junior A 1st, stonking result, winning the trophy for the second year in a row with different team combo, Seth and Oscar Turkington, Eliza Turner, Codie Beachus and Jasper Hunter
Junior B True pony club sportsmanship shown by all riders, which you might not know by a 5th place result – Lucy Davies chaperoning tiny sister 6 yr old Florrie who went from lead rein competition to coping on her own in the competition field, Jack Savage riding consistently well, plus two riders from the Ledbury (Evan), and Worcester (Chloe). Our Vale riders in the Bs deserve particular recognition for great sportsmanship and teamwork.

Junior Tack and Turnout – A team 2nd


United Pack 2-day Friendly  – Mounted Games 30 Apr/1 May 2017 

An enjoyable two days at Shrewsbury Showground for our annual, and favourite, competition hosted by United Pack. Senior As pulled it out of the bag after scraping into the A final, to perform exceptionally well and achieve 2nd place, despite being eliminated in one race for crossing lanes, and only 12 points behind the Banwen. Well done Ellie Godfrey, Harry Greasby, Samantha Wilkins, Jemima & Amity Turner.

Senior ‘Spots’ and ‘Lightning’ performed strongly, learning loads along the way, having a few hairy moments as well as great successes. Spots finished 5th in the D final, and Lightning 2nd in the D final. ‘Spots’ were Minnie Turkington, Lucy Tilley, Lottie Glynn, Emma (United Pack) and ‘Lightning’ were Sophie Godfrey, Amber Wilkins, Ellie Savage, Polly Turner, Charlotte (Worcs).

Our Junior Novice team of Lottie Beachus, Sonny Turkington, Finn and Lucas Murphy came away with a fabulous large trophy, winning their competition outright. Lastly, our all-boy team of Jack Savage, Codie Beachus, Jasper Hunter, Oscar and Seth Turkington had a thrilling run off in their B final to clinch 2nd place.
Really good teamwork from all our Vale children, each person had their own adrenaline ‘perfect moment’ and a few had some moments they will be putting down as character building only!!


Boys Juniors - United Pack 2017Spots and A team - United PackJunior Novice - United PackLightning - United Pack

setting off seniors united

Thanks from junior novices - United Pack













North Herefordshire friendly games 17 & 18 June

Well done to our two teams riding at this fantastic friendly, with 6 Vale riders and 3 guest riders. Both Vale teams went in the B final with every chance of gaining top placings, but had to adapt their play after Sam’s pony PP had a fall and had to be withdrawn. It meant that our As rode as a non-scoring team on three riders, borrowing

Whichever B team member happened to be out of a particular race to make up an A team of four. Our excellent team spirit was praised by the organisers, and our Bs were placed 3rd, and senior As were pleased to have at least won tack and turnout. Best news, PP seems fully recovered and well.

Success at Zones – July 2017 – we’re off to Pony Club Championships!

Many congratulations to our two senior teams and junior team for fine performances on Sunday at the Zones competition held at Moreton Morrell. For the first time, Cotswold Vale is taking two senior teams to the Championships held in August at Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire.

Seniors As finished in 3rd place – the club’s highest position ever – on 42 points behind Atherstone A 2nd with 56 pts, Romney Marsh 1st with 60 pts & ticket to HOYS). The first six placings in each of four Zones competition go forward to the Championships where the 24 best teams in the country compete for the last two places to go to HOYS.

Teams placed 7th-10th go forward to the Intermediate championships, also part of the main PC Champs. And, in true Vale style, it was a nail-biting decider for our Senior Bs and a run-off race for the coveted 10th place against Essex Hunt North and West Kent Sevenoaks. A faultless performance of the tricky ‘ball and flag’ race saw the Senior Bs clinch 10th place which was fantastic result – Stef reported that her FitBit was showing a heart rate of 130 beats per minute!!!

Our Juniors gave an excellent account of themselves, with one new pony/rider combo riding for the first time due to lameness, and one rider coping stoically with a persistent nosebleed part way through. An exciting run off with Atherstone B gave our junior team 7th place out of 13 teams.
Senior As: Amity Turner, Jemima Turner, Harry Greasby, Ellie Godfrey, Samantha Wilkins
Senior Bs: Lottie Glynn, Polly Turner, Sophie Godfrey, Minnie Turkington, Ellie Savage
Juniors: Jasper Hunter, Seth Turkington, Oscar Turkington, Jasper Hunter, Codie Beachus 

Wylye Valley Mounted Games Friendly 15/16 July

Trainer Sarah Hance writes: “A very well done to all who took part, you all rode very competitively. In the seniors we were second to a team that is already going to HOYS!! And senior B team great team work to get a 4th- once nerves settled you all rode your socks off!!Juniors were amazing pulling it all out the bag on Sunday, until Jockey Jack had a very unlucky tumble leaving him unable to carry on. So with the 5th rider borrowed from another team,this led to our juniors finishing a fab 2nd! Novices as always were awesome all riding like they owned it, was especially pleased with how much they all did on their own mistakes and all!!!! As all other competitors were on lead rein, and therefore carried higher scores, our Juniors finished in 3rd place. So to sum it up, Amazing play from the Vale – we are at higher levels in the Senior A team than ever and you just keep getting better. And because of this we are inspiring all of the younger ones who also want to ride to this higher level one day, so well done all.”
Roll call: Harry Greasby, Sam Wilkins, Ellie Godfrey, Jemima Turner, Amity Turner, Lottie Glynn, Minnie Turkington, Sophie Godfrey, Ellie Savage, Polly Turner, Jack Savage, Eliza Turner, Seth Turkington, Oscar Turkington, Finn Murphy, Lucas Murphy, Sonny Turkington

STOP PRESS: our Juniors have been given a wild card to go to Champs – so we’re taking 2 x Seniors and 1 Juniors, making 2017 our most successful result ever 🙂 

Pony Club Championship, Cholmondeley Castle August 2017

To have three games teams qualifying for the Championships is a great milestone for the Vale, with riders representing the club at the Junior Champs, Intermediate Champs & the so-called Runners Up Championship (the HOYS qualifier with two teams going through to HOYS, to join 4 teams who qualified by winning the Zones competition).

A junior team of Codie Beachus, Eliza Turner, Seth & Oscar Turkington and Jasper Hunter had their first taste at Championship level: although unplaced, they rode out of their socks and learned lots from their experience.

The Senior B team – of Sophie Godfrey, Minnie Turkington, Polly Turner, Ellie Savage and Lottie Glynn – rode amazingly and just missed qualifiying for the afternoon finals by one point, finishing their morning heats in a commendable 4th place.

The senior A team – Harry Greasby, Sam Wilkins, Amity Turner, Jemima Turner, Ellie Godfrey – were in superb form on Monday morning finishing an amazing 2nd in their heat (ahead of North Herefordshire). So going into the main final, it was the most speedy, thrilling final we have ever been part of, with highs and lows throughout the gruelling session. We were all on a high when the team won a race in the final – a very sweet moment indeed  –   but  unfortunately a few too many mistakes later in the afternoon session cost us too many points. Nevertheless, we finished an amazing 7th place, the highest placing for CVFH to date. Our games buddies, North Herefordshire, performed exceptionally well, holding their nerve to take 2nd place and that coveted place to HOYS – a few of us will be going to cheer them on… and we’ll be working hard to get there ourselves next year!  

September 2017 Moreton Show

A huge well done to the senior team Harry, Jemima, Amity, Sam and Ellie – lifting the trophy at Moreton Show, for the first time in the 7 years that Vale has been represented in the friendly competition – a two flag run off against the Atherstone went our way with a perfect run. It was especially sweet for the Godfrey family as Ellie’s 80 yr old grandfather has been involved with the show for 50 years – so to see his grand-daughter receive the cup was a lovely moment for the family. Thank you Sarah Hance for expert coaching as always.


This is the last Pony Club games season for 15 yr olds Ellie Godfrey, Jemima Turner and Amber Wilkins, and we want to say a huge thank you to all the girls for all they have contributed to the teams over the years. We hope you will have many fantastic memories for a lifetime, and that you will bring your experience to training sessions to help the next generation of games riders.