Sunday October 21, 2018
Squad training sessions

– these sessions are for experienced/able seniors who want to represent CVFH for the 2017/18 at friendlies or in Areas/Zones/Champs

– all welcome, but these squad sessions are priority for strong Senior A team squad riders if we are oversubscribed
– Competitions remain a priority for 2017/18 for senior riders coming to these sessions – there’s only so much that training can achieve, it is the psychology of competition and the pressures that go with it that are the best training for ALL riders!
– these sessions are to work alongside our normal Saturday/Sunday rally dates, as we want to incorporate a squad training sesison into every ‘working rally’ date wherever possible. New riders and other members giving games a go are extremely important to us, to keep building as a club, and we will always ensure we have space on working games rallies for these members.
– if you’re not sure if these sessions will be right for you, please ask Sarah Hance but, generally speaking, all welcome

Check out CVFH Games 2018 Facebook page for latest updates – training sessions generally held on Tuesday evenings. All queries to Ruth Darling or Sarah Hance

Venue: Abbey Dressage, Fiddington.

Tme: Outdoor arena booked 6.00 – 8.00pm.

Cost: £10 per rider.

Dress: CVFH sweatshirt, shirt/tie as usual please.

ALL MUCK and LITTER must be totally cleared from the parking area please. Worth bringing a torch as the lorry/trailer area can be pretty dark on an autumn/winter evening.