Monday January 25, 2021
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“Strictly Dressage on Foot”

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Spring Festival 2020

It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform you that PCUK have cancelled the Spring Festival, the finals of which were due to run on 9th-11th April at Arena UK.
“….Unfortunately the current lockdown and the uncertainty around whether it will be lifted has come at a bad time. With concerns around the limited opportunity to qualify and pressure on the Area Competitions, horses and members, the Management Committee have made the decision to cancel both of the finals for the Spring Festival (9th-11th April Arena UK)
Those who have qualified at a preliminary round (and are recorded with the office) will keep their places for the 2022 Spring Festival Area Competitions
For the organisers of the second rounds (SJ March 21st (South Wold Hunt North) and Dressage March 27th South Notts) the information is as follows:
“Any Area Competition organisers who still wish to hold an inter-Branch competition are welcome to do so if restrictions allow, but this won’t affect qualifications for 2022. “
I am so sorry to be the bearer of bad news to you, especially after the difficulties of last year and all your efforts producing really sparkling performances – everyone of you – at the preliminary rounds. However, if we can avoid Covid and contribute towards fighting the spread of this disease, then it has to be worth it.
I do look forward to seeing you all again, out and about, when the restrictions get lifted. There will be a bright new day , and this will come sooner if we can be patient now.
All qualifiers have been emailed this news.


Membership Renewal

Rolling Membership

We brought in rolling membership as a way to grow our members, by allowing people to join throughout the year, becoming more flexible and inclusive. Although we are now on an annual rolling membership, currently most of our Branch members are due for renewal this month.

Why Renew Now?

The concern for many is why renew with The Pony Club now? We all completely understand the impact of the lockdown restrictions on trying to promote Pony Club Membership. 
The offering of Pony Club Membership goes way beyond being affiliated to a single sport governing body. A Pony Club Member belongs to a huge family offering fun activities, high quality training and learning, and being part of a supportive group of friends, even more important in these times.
It is also important that all Members realise if they do not renew now their insurance will finish. They will not be covered to continue any activities on their pony unless they have separate insurance. In addition, their pony is covered through The Pony Club for 3rd party liability 24/ 7, including if it gets out from the yard or field and causes an accident or damage. I know that this is a vital reassurance to some Members.
ALL face-to-face activity is suspended  until further notice.
The Pony Club will move back to the lockdown Phase of The Pony Club COVID 19 Operational Plan, which can be found on the PCUK website under ‘Latest Advice’


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