Saturday December 15, 2018
Area Teams

The Area Teams are open to all members with the ability to take part at Grassroots, Novice, Intermediate or Open standard.

We arrange training for each discipline to enable our members to achieve the best that they can at the Area Competitions, which allow them to qualify for the Championships.

Each discipline is organised by a different committee member whose details are on the discipline page.

Rule books are available on the main Pony Club website, with details of eligibility and competition regulations and all Area competitors should either purchase or download a copy and familiarise themselves with the rules.

To be eligible for area competitions members must have joined/rejoined CFHN before the 28th February 2018. Members and their ponies/horses wanting to take part in area competitions should also have attended at least 3 full day rallies and dedicated training rallies in the last year, this includes camp 2017 and onwards. There are still lots of rallies to come. Unfortunately training rallies do not count as part of the 3 as they are not available to all members. If you have a new pony/horse and it is rallied at a previous pony club it will only need to attend 1 rally with CFHN to be eligible. Each member and pony/horse can be rallied separately. (i.e. someone else can rally your pony for you).

The Pony Club has this rule to avoid members joining to only take part in area competitions and to encourage members to attend rallies and training to improve there riding and pony care skills and knowledge.

CFHN generally pays 50% of the entry fees and the competitors pay the other 50%. This is in line with the majority of Pony Clubs nationally.

Please read the following attachment which highlights some important points if you are taking part in Pony Club Competitions.

Pony Club Competition Rules

If this is unclear please contact Alison Gribbon  07868174804 or Stephanie Armstrong 07724227767