Monday December 11, 2023
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Membership  Information

Dear Parents & Members,

Happy New Year to you All

Please see below the format for renewing your Pony Club Membership this year

Kind Regards


Branch Membership Secretary



All Pony Club memberships and renewals should now be made directly with The Pony Club Office at Stoneleigh.

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIPS (those with less than 3 riding members in the same household).

  • If you do not have a “family membership” (usually 3 or more riding members in the same household) then you will receive 2 emails with details of how to renew via the new online portal. 
    • The first contains the renewal reminder and membership details. 
    • The second contains a custom link to the portal.  When you click this link you will be asked to enter a password. 
    • This is a new online portal so create a new password. 
    • You will then be asked to login with your username (the email address to which the renewal reminder was sent) and your newly created password.
  • Early renewal notices are being sent this year to try and phase out the renewal process for memberships expiring 31/1/2021.  
  • A reminder to those who have not renewed will be resent the first week of January.  Thereafter, reminders will be sent one month prior to renewal date, and then 2 weeks before if not renewed.
  • Using the online portal, you will be able to check and update any contact details, and members and pay online.
  • You will not be able to change the branch or membership type (Riding or Non-riding) – if you need to do this please contact your branch to initiate the transfer process or contact to change your membership type.
  • Memberships will be for a 12-month period from the date of expiry
    • If you renew in December and your membership expires on 31 January 2021 then your new membership will run until 31 January 2022.


If you have a family membership, or want to add members to create a family membership, you will need to download the membership form either from your branch website or complete the form and email to OR by post to the address on the form.

Membership fees for 2021 remain as 2020:

Non-riding member £36; riding member £80 and family memberships £200 (up to 5 members in the same household).