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CFHN Open Xmas Show @ Greenlands 28th December 2021

Class 1 – North Pole Lead Rein/Assisted 30cm

1st Connie Hutton & Whoopi,  2nd Lola Little & Tilly,  3rd Mia Maxfield & Elvis

Class 2 – Elves Beginner Stakes 40cm

1st Neola Clash & Eddie,  2nd Sam Robertson & Smartie,  3rd Samantha Bell-Shaul & Conquer,  4th Mia Maxfield & Elvis

Class 3 – Mince Pie Mini Accumulator with Joker 50cm

1st  Jamie Wilson & Caspian Prince,  2nd Neola Clash & Eddie, 3 rd Sam Robertson & Smartie,  4th Cara Wilson & Mohammed Ali

Class 4 – Rudolph’s Novice Power and Speed 60cm

1st Penny Robinson & Saffy,  2nd Zara Kelly & Jazz,  3rd Jamie Wilson & Caspian Prince,  4th Cara Wilson & Mohammed Ali

Class 5 – Christmas Pudding Warm Up Stakes 70cm

1st Penny Robinson & Saffy,  2nd Penny Robinson & Cracker,  3rd Zara Kelly & Jazz,  4th Jamie Wilson & Caspian Prince

Class 7 – Barrier Animal Health 80cm Debut Spring Qualifier (Q = Qualified for Area round @ Blackdyke 6th March)

1st Maisie Greening & Vorecky Silver (Q),  2nd Fearne Wharton & Fudge (Q),  3rd Alena Watson & Puzzle (Q),  4th Hannah Kelly & Leo (Q), 5th Joanna Coulthard & Matilda (Q)

Class 8 – Snowball Blitz accumulator with Joker 80cm

1st Olivia Singleton & Churchfield Nellie,  2nd Grace Wood & Rempard Centrum R,   3rd Lydia Bell & Nemo,  4th Zoe Rossi & Merrylegs Rosie

Class 9 – Barrier Animal Health 90cm PC Challenge Spring Qualifier (Q = Qualified for Area round @ Blackdyke 6th March)

1st Myesha Pearson & Chimorka Z (Q),  2nd Joanna Coulthard & Matilda (Q),  3rd Grace Wood & Rempard Centrum R (Q),  4th Amellie McCarron & Dan (Q) 5th Jessica Wharton & Blue Dakota (Q)

Class 10 – Santas Open Power & Speed 90cm

1st Jackie Hartley & Monagor Tilly,  2nd Olivia Singleton & Churchfield Nellie,  3rd Heidi Batey & Chem

Class 11 – Open Sleigh Ride 100/110cm

1st Myesha Pearson & Chimorka Z,  2nd Jackie Hartley & Monagor Tilly,  3rd Amellie McCarron & Dan, 4th Jessica Wharton & Blue Dakota



Copy of Regionals(20683) S Sheet


Nord Vue results 2019



Area Horse & Pony Care 2018

No teams entered

Area Quiz 2018                                                                                                                                                                                  Jenni Graham, Erin Gribbon, Jess Wharton, Alice Couper 2nd place                                                                                                Anna Johnstone, Abbi Couper, Sarah Fraser, Fearne Wharton 7th place


Junior  Alice Couper
Senior  Beth Britton
Under 10  Leisha Watson
11-14       Anna Johnstone
15+          Madeline Sanderson
Combination     Maia Walker Pinguey
Class 1 Chole Metcalfe
Class 2 Mia Hedley
Class 3 Fearne Wharton
Class 4 Fearne Wharton
Class 5 Hannah Robinson
Class 6 Hannah Robinson
Class 7 Alli Bell
Class 8  Freya Gaitskell
Class 9  Freya Gaitskell
Best Veteran PC horse/pony  Robbie / Jane Moscrop
Best partnership  Abbie Couper & Puzzle
Most Helpful Member  Sarah Robinson
Best horse/pony combination voted for by members – Abbi Couper & Puzzle
Most Helpful parent/volunteer – Ashley Watson
Artist Award Erin Gribbon
Area Eventing Trophy  Evie Boon
Area Showjumping Trophy  Ella Baker
Area Dressage Trophy  Jess Bell
CFHN Team Award  Grassroots Eventing Team  Amy Milburn, Beth Britton, Hannah Robinson, Abi Couper
Cumbria Shield winners awards
Junior  Mia Hedley, Alice Couper, Alena Watson, Ella Baker
Senior Caitlin Gribbon, Jenni Graham, Alex Phillips
Bramham Team awards
Caitlin Gribbon, Alex Phillps, Josie Britton, Abigail Rome
Gillian Yarrow CFHN Member Trophy – Alena Watson
Results from recent Activities and Competitions:Well done to our Teams representing our branch at Champs 2017 some fantastic results.
Junior Horse and Pony Care: Freya, Beth and Jess coming an impressive 4th.
Novice eventing: Evie (10th!), Freya, Madeline sadly Molly had to withdraw.
Open SJ: Alex Phillips
Well Done to our teams competing at Area Show Jumping
Open Alex Philips – Individual 2nd qualifying for Champs and Mixed team 2nd place
Intermediate  Abigail Rome – Individual 2nd qualifying for Champs, Josie Britton, Caitlin Gribbon,  Jenni Graham – team 6th
Novice   Samantha  Hodgson, Aliysha Bell, Emily McIntyre Ward
Grassroots Blue Team  Amy Milburn, Beth Britton – double clear, Abbi Couper, Hannah Robinson
Grassroots Red Team: Imogen Rome, Anna Johnstone, Ella Baker – Individual 5th qualifying for Regional Championships, Alena Watson, Ind  Alexia Mcmanus.
Well done to our eventing teams competing at Areas 2017
Intermediate: Caitlin Gribbon, Jenni Graham, Josie Britton
Novice Eventing team: Molly Armstrong (5th), Freya Gaitskell (2nd), Madeline Sanderson (5th) and Evie Boon (2nd) – Team 2nd qualifying for Champs
Grassroots: Beth Britton(3rd), Hannah Robinson, Abi Couper, Amy Milburn – team 2nd qualifying for Regionals
Grassroots: Alena Watson, Anna Johnstone, Alexia McManus, Ella Baker
Well done to our 2017 Games teams at the Area competition at Kildale
Seniors: Josie Britton, Beth Britton, Hannah Robinson, Charley gray and Jess Wharton coming 5th
            : Alena Watson, Abi Couper, Alexia McManus, Helen Gilroy and Annabelle Gilroy coming 9th
Juniors : Leisha Watson, Penny Robinson, Alice Couper, Lizzie Gilroy and Fearne,
Well done to our 2017 teams at the Area Horse and Pony Care Competition at Blackdyke
Seniors : Jenni Graham, Erin Gribbon and Sam Clark coming 2nd
Juniors : Jess Wharton, Freya Gaitskell and Beth Britton coming 1st
Well done to our 2017 teams representing us at Area Quiz hosted by Wyndham
Jenni Graham, Erin Gribbon, Jess Wharton, Emily McIntyre Ward, Alice Couper, Abi Couper, Alex Phillips, Josie Britton, Hannah Robinson, Joanna Coulthard, Freya Gaitskell, Maia Walker Pinguey and Beth Britton coming 2nd, 7th and 9th. 

Well done to all of our members who competed at Champs 2016:

Horse and Pony Care: Jess Wharton, Beth Britton and Hannah Robinson 7th

Novice Dressage: Hannah McGarr, Laura Armstrong (individaul 7th), Molly Armstrong and Freya Gaitskell

Novice Eventing: Laura Armstrong (individual 3rd), Evie Boon, Hannah McGarr and Freya Gaitskell (individual 2nd)

Junior Games: Beth Britton, Annabelle Gilroy, Sarah Robinson, Leisha Watson and Imogen Rome

Senior Games: Alena Watson, Hannah Robinson, Jess Wharton, Samantha Hodgson, Josie Britton and Alexia McManus

Area Eventing

Congratulations to our Novice Area Eventing team Evie Boon, Freya Gaitskell, Laura Armstrong and Hannah McGarr coming 1st in the Area competition and have qualified for the Championships at Cholmondeley Castle 2016.

Also well done to our second Novice team Molly Armstrong, Madeline Sanderson, Josie Britton and Naeve Brown coming team 4th and to

Jess Wharton for her individual entry having a fantastic double clear.

Our Grassroots team Hannah Robinson, Alena Watson, Alexia McManus and Ellie Couper coming 4th.

Individual results: Laura and Evie 2nd, Molly Armstrong 3rd, Madeline 5th, Freya 5th, Josie 6th (Novice)/ Hannah 5th, Ellie 6th, Alexia 6th

in the Grassroots.

Well done to our Intermediate team Jenni Graham, Caitlin Gribbon and Alex Phillips who where up against some tough

competition with a challenging Cross Country.  Another great day for CFHN well done girls.


Great results at Area Dressage today with CFHN Novice Red team coming 1st and qualifying for Champs!

Individually: Laura Armstrong 1st, Molly Armstrong 2nd, Freya Gaitskell 3rd and Hannah McGarr 9th in their Arena’s.

Also well done to our Intermediate team coming 4th overall with Hayley McGarr coming 2nd, Caitlin Gribbon 3rd in their Arena’s.


Congratulations to our Senior and Junior Games team who competed at Zones this weekend.

Our Seniors: Alena Watson, Jess Wharton, Hannah Robinson, Samantha Hodgson and Josie Britton coming 12th and

our Junior Team: Leisha Watson, Annabelle Gilroy, Imogen Rome, Beth Britton and Sarah Robinson who came

1st and qualify for Championships!!


Well done to our Horse and Pony care teams who did really well at Area with our Juniors Jess Wharton, Beth Britton and Freya Gaitskell coming first and qualifying for Championships.


Josie, Joanna, Jenni, Emily, Hannah ,Beth, Jess and Erin who represented the club at the Area Quiz,

 Teams came 2nd and 8th which are fantastic results


Hannah Graves attended the PC Rider Development Camp at Somerford Park and has been selected on to 2016 squad.

Huge well done on your fantastic achievement Hannah

Cumbria Shield 2015 – Results Cumbria Shield SJ Results 2015
Congratulations to our Area Games Teams
Seniors came 5th and Juniors 3rd who qualify for Zones 31st Jul 2015 at Perth.
A big  thank you to Fiona Britton team trainer.
Seniors – Alexia,Erin,Jess,Josie, Molly
Juniors – Alena,Annabelle,Beth,Hannah,Joanna (and Freya)
Juniors went on to win at zones and then also won the runners up compettion at championships so well done to all.
Horse and Pony Care Area Competition
Congratulations to Erin Gribbon, Molly Armstrong and Jess Wharton
Who won the Area Competition and Qualified for Champs (they came 10th at champs so very well done)
Dalston Showfield Rally 7th April 2015Well done to all. The dressage standard was very high and you should all be proud of how well you did. We will try and return your Dressage sheets at the next rally or training you attend. We may contact you to see if you are available to take part in the Area Competition in July.Combined Training Results:Juniors
1st Molly Armstrong
2nd Jess Wharton (Sid)
3rd Josie Britton
4th Beth Britton
5th Hannah Robinson
6th Sam HodgsonSeniors
1st Ayesha Wise
2nd Alex Phillips
3rd Caitlin Gribbon
4th Robyn Wolfe
5th Emma Wise
6th Isla Fisher
CFHN Team Show Jumping 27/09/14
Many thanks to all our competitors and all our helpers who made the day a great success.
Ayesha Wise and Marvel and Molly Waugh and Monty
Who have qualified for the 105cm
Dengie Grand Prix Open Championships 2014
CFHN Working Hunter Show 01/03/14
Particular thanks to our working party who helped to build the course and to all our stewards and judges on the day. Many thanks also to our competitors for taking part. Hope everyone enjoyed it.
CFHN Xmas Show 03/01/14
Westcumberland Team Show Jumping 02/11/13
Class 1
6th Jess Wilson and Blue, Alex Phillips and Rosie, Alena Watson and Simba, Sade Burke and Jay
Class 2
1st Shona Little and Ruby, Ailyisha Bee and Mitzi, Leah Donald and Tweed, Sophie Hayton and Tinkerbell
Class 3
3rd Shona Little and Ruby, Ailyisha Bell and Mitzi, Leah Donals and Tweed, Sophie Hayton and Tinkerbell
4th Molly Armstrong and Domino, Laura Armstrong and Firefly, Alex Phillips and BeeGee
Class 4
2nd Kate Rigg and Douglas, Robyn Wolfe and Taylor, Harriet Graham and Sprite, Jenni Graham and Buster
Class 5
5th Kate Rigg and Douglas, Robyn Wolfe and Taylor, Harriet Graham and Sprite, Jenni Graham and Buster
Dumfriesshire Hunt Team Show Jumping 26/10/13
Class 1
1st Ailyisha Bell and Mitzi, Alex Phillips and Rosie, Jess Wilson and Blue, Sophie Hayton and Tinkerbell
5th Imogen Rome and Rindy, Alena Watson and Simba, Charley Gray and Flynn, Sade Burke and Jay
Class 2
2nd Ailyisha Bell and Mitzi, Alex Phillips and Rosie, Jess Wilson and Blue, Sophie Hayton and Tinkerbell
Class 3
1st Abigail Rome and Lady, Jessica Wharton and Star, Jess Wilson and Indie, Sophie Hayton and Tinkerbell
Class 4
1st Danielle Hamilton and Taz, Alex Phillips and BeeGee, Alice Atkinson and Red, Rebecca Connor and Nellie
4th Molly Armstrong and Domino, Laura Armstrong and Firefly, Abi Atkinson and Blue, Jess Wilson and Indie
Class 5
2nd Danielle Hamilton and Taz, Ailyisha Bell and Mitzi, Alice Atkinson and Red, Rebecca Connor and Nellie
5th Harriet Grahm and Sprite, Laura Armstrong and Firefly, Abi Atkinson and Blue, Jessica Wharton and Star
Class 6
3rd Danielle Hamilton and Sid, Hannah McGarr and Taboo, Alice Atkinson and Checkmate, Rebecca Connor and Nellie
Class 7
4th Danielle Hamilton and Sid, Hannah McGarr and Taboo, Alice Atkinson and Checkmate, Kate Rigg and Douglas
Pony Club Championships 2013
Congratulations to Steph Forster and Bailey who came 7th in the Open Dressage and Hannah Graves and Sycamore Lad who came 3rd in the Intermediate Eventing.
Well done also to Hannah McGarr, Novice SJ, Anna Rigg, Intermediate SJ, Molly Waugh and Jenni Graham Open SJ who all did a fantastic job of representing CFHN at Championships this year.
Our Senior Games Team – Alice Atkinson, Abi Atkinson, Laura Armstrong, Molly Armstrong and Caitlin Gribbon did a great job at Games Championships finishing in 8th place.
Area Dressage 3rd Aug 2013
Open -Steph Forster and Bailey were 3rd individually and qualified for Championships
Intermediate-Team (Anna, Emily, Hayley, Jenni) were 5th, and Anna and Rebel were 4th individually.
Novice -Naeve Brown and Rags were 6th individually.
Junior – Teams were 4th (Laura, Evie, Harriet, Kate) and 8th (Molly, Abbie, Erin, Hannah). Kate and Douglas were 4th, Evie and Jake were 5th and Harriet and Sprite were 6th in their arenas and then Molly and Domino were 4th and Erin and Silver were 5th in their arenas.
Area Show Jumping 4th Aug 2013
Open – Team (mixed team including Molly and Jenni) were 1st, Molly and Lortons Express were 2nd individaully and Jenni and Buster were 3rd individually and both qualified for Championships
Intermediate – Team (Anna, Emily, Hayley) were 4th, and Anna and Rebel were 2nd individually and qualified for Championships.
Novice – Hannah McG and Taboo went triple clear and came 4th individually qualifying for Championships.
Junior – Team (Molly, Leah, Danielle, Erin) were 1st, and Danielle and Taz had the fastest jump off of the day!
Well done also to all our other competitors who took part. We hope everyone enjoyed our ‘big weekend’ in Northumbria.
Area Eventing 14th July 2013

The annual Pony Club Area 2 Eventing Competition was held at Murray House, Cumwhinton at the weekend with 140 competitors from Cumbria and Northumbria taking part in Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross-country disciplines.

In the Open Competition South Northumberland wiped the boards, taking 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th individual places and being the winning team.  Cleveland Hunt won the Intermediate Team Competition, with Cumberland Farmers’ Hunt (North) finishing in 5th place, and the Wyndham team of Megan Lister, Jo Beattie, Josh Wareing and Lettie Wareing won the Novice Team Competition.  These three winning teams qualify for the Pony Club Championships in Cheshire in August.


There were individual successes and qualifying places for several Cumbrian riders: Hannah Graves riding Sycamore Lad for Cumberland Farmers’ Hunt (North) won in the Intermediate Competition and Emily Arter riding Meikle Munro for Cumberland Farmers’ Hunt (South) took 2nd place.  Jessica Murray riding Ballydonagh Rebel for Cumberland Foxhounds and Megan Lister riding Chico for Wyndham each took first place in their respective sections of the Novice Competition and Lettie Wareing riding Roxster for Wyndham was 2nd.


In the Intermediate Competition, Nicolle Murray and Riley were 6th for CFHS.  In the Novice Competition – 3rd: Hollie Airey and Echo, CFHS; 4th: Sophie Weedall and Robbie Raskal, CFHN; 5th: Hannah Parkin and Alfie, CFHS.


The Young Event Horse Competition was won by David Absalom riding Cal for CFHS.

Junior Area Eventing 16th June 2013
Purple Team were 3rd overall.
Hannah McGarr, Danielle Hamilton, Rebecca Connor, Alex Phillips
Pink Team were 7th overall.
Evie Boon, Josie Britton, Molly Armstrong, Erin Gribbon
Also well done to Freya Gaitsgill who took part as an individual.
Well done to all our competitors.
Individual placings
Hannah McGarr Arena A  34.1  2nd
Erin Gribbon Arena C  37  3rd
Rebecca Connor  Arena B  4th
Alex Phillips  Arena C  37.9  6th