Sunday May 28, 2023
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The Pony Club offers a number of tests which you can take via our branch.

Further details are available on the main Pony Club website.

For more information on  level of test training please contact:

Alison Gribbon 07868174804 for members B to A test level. 

Lara McCarron 01768785135 for members C to C+ level.

Sarah mefcalf  07984318385   for members E to D+ Level.


E Test

Progressive Bronze Test

The Pony Club Road Rider Mini Achievement Badge

D Test

Progressive Silver Test

D+ Test

Progressive Gold Test

The Pony Club Road Rider Achievement Badge


 The BHS Ride Safe Test

C Test

( Riding and/or Horse & Pony Care )

Progressive Platinum Test

C+ Test

(Riding and/or Horse & Pony Care )

B Test

(Riding and/or Horse&Pony Care)

Lungeing Test

B+ Test

AH Test

A Test

NB: for D, C EfficiencyTests Members must have attained the relevant Road Rider Achievement Badge.The Road Rider Mini Achievement adage is a prerequisite before taking the D Test. The Road Rider Achievement badge is a prerequisite before taking the C test. 

For members following a Care only route, a riding assessment will be required before the AH test for the ride and lead section.