Tuesday May 30, 2023
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Tetrathlon and Triathlon

Tetrathlon consists of Running, Swimming, Shooting and Riding and is suitable for all children from the age of 8.  It is a tremendous sport for Pony Club members who enjoy a whole range of different sports.  The competitions are great social events, and all the children who compete get to know members from different Pony Clubs and fun is had by all!!

If you are interested in taking part in Tetrathlon or Triathlon please contact: Sarah Metcalfe 07984318385 sarahmetcalfe@hotmail.co.uk


beginners guide to tetrathlon


Tetrathlon/triathlons are great fun, very friendly but competitive!  

For any of you who are interested in taking part, here is a quick guide!

Only competitors aged 8 and over are allowed to shoot in competitions, under 8’s throw bean bags at a target or into a hoop.

Age Groups (age as of 1st January)

Tadpoles under 8 years old

Mini Minimus 8&9 years old

Minimus 10 & 11 years old

Junior 12-14 years old

Intermediate/Open 15-25 years old

Age groups are split into boys and girls apart from tadpoles which are often run as a mixed class.



Triathlons (no riding) are run through the winter months. Tetrathlons (with riding) in the summer. Times are given out a few days before the date of the competition. On arrival at a competition you must register and have your gun checked you will receive targets for the shooting phase and numbers for the running phase. Scores are put up during the competition and it is always advisable to check your score is correct; any discrepancies need to be raised through the team trainer.

The riding phase is usually a technical cross country course including a gate which must be opened, ridden through and then closed whilst mounted within 1 minute and a slip rail, where the rider dismounts, places the slip rail on the ground leads the pony over it, puts the slip rail back up and re mounts within 1 minute. Tadpoles and mini minimus classes often include a ‘stop box’ instead where the pony and rider must stand still for a set amount of time.

For the running phase, each age group has a set distance to run, the swimming phase is how far a competitor can swim in a set time and the shooting phase a maximum of 1000 points can be shot.

Tadpoles run 500m, swim for 2 minutes, throw beanbags and jump height is 40cm

Mini Minimus run 1000m, swim for 2 minutes, shoot 2 handed from 7m at static targets, jump height 60cm

Minimus run 1000m, swim for 2 minutes, shoot 2 handed from 7 metres at turning targets, jump 80cm

Junior run 1500m, swim for 3 minutes, shoot 1 handed from 7 metres at turning targets, jump 90cm

Intermediate run 2000m (boys) 1500m (girls) swim for 3 minutes, shoot 1 handed from 10m at turning targets, jump 1m

Open run 3000m (boys) 1500m (girls) swim for 3 minutes, shoot 1 handed from 10m at turning targets, jump 1m




A maximum score of 1000 is available in the shooting. Each competitor gets 10 shots (2 lots of 5 onto 2 targets). Your score is whatever you shoot ie. 100 points for a 10, 80 points for an 8 etc.


Each age group has a target distance to swim within their 2 or 3 minutes to score 1000 points. For example, a minimuscompetitors target is 125m in 2 minutes. For every metre under or over the target 3 points are subtracted or added to the 1000. For example if a competitor swam 100m then their final score would be 925 points (25×3=75, 1000-75=925)


Each age group has a target time in which to run the required distance. For example minimus competitors is 1000m in 4 minutes for which they would receive 1000 points. For every second over or under the time 3 points per second will be added or subtracted. For example if a competitor ran the distance in 3.57minutes then their score would be 1009 points (3×3=9, 1000+9=1009)


A maximum of 1400 points is given for a clear round.  Penalties are given for refusals etc. For example 1st refusal is 60 penalties; therefore one refusal on the course would be a final score of 1340.

A competitor’s final score for the competition is their score for each discipline added together.