Thursday April 22, 2021
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Welcome to the Curre Hunt Branch of The Pony Club!

7th Jan 2021:  An update from our DC

Well, here we go again – I have a distinct feeling that we’ve been here before….!   Sadly, as you all know, we are grounded again and cannot go ahead as planned with the mounted activities we had lined up for January and possibly February too ☹
But, with extra time out of school I know you’ll be wanting to keep in contact with your Pony Club friends and fill some of the lockdown days with horsey activity whilst you have the chance!  And parents will appreciate alternative activities to entertain you all.
Here are some of the things we’ve got lined up.  These will DEFINITELY be happening – so look out for emails coming shortly with more details on how to join in.

  • BADGE BANTER!   Work towards your Pony Club badges online with your friends, in short mixed-media sessions including quizzes, chat, videos and resources on our HayNet portal.  We’re starting with Feeding, then moving on to Shoeing and Lorinery (that’s Bits & Bitting!)  Suitable for all ages – split into age/level appropriate sessions.
  • SENIOR ONLINE TRAINING   For those working towards B Test and above.  First stop, Riding Theory.   
  • ONLINE PILATES FOR RIDING   Fantastic for your riding!  For all over 12s (and parents/friends!)
  • WELCOME ZOOM    For all parents of new members joining since 2019.  All you ever wanted to know about Pony Club but might have been afraid to ask!   Tune in for a chat and to learn what Curre Hunt PC can offer your child, whatever their age or level.
  • CELEBRATION 2020   You’ll be amazed how much there was for Curre PC members to shout about in 2020!   Join us (yes, new members too!) for a fun hour of chat and a big clap for everyone’s achievements last year against all the odds.

Have you seen on our Facebook page about The Great Pony Club Hacking Challenge being organised by Pony Club nationally?   Record your hacking distances to reach targets and add a treasure hunt too!  Follow the link  to enter.   We’ll have special prizes for Curre PC members to aim for!

Keep an eye on your emails and our Facebook page for updates and more info on all of these activities.

In the meantime, stay safe and well.   Have fun with your riding at home but do try to stick within your capabilities – we don’t want any tumblers!


Background Info on our Club:
Like many other Pony Club branches, our branch is named after the hunt pack whose country cover the area where our members live. It still keeps strong links with the Curre & Llangibby Hunt.

Our branch was founded in 1958. Amongst its celebrity former members include top international showjumpers Mary Broome and Liz Edgar and current junior showjumping European silver medallist James Winter.

We are in Pony Club Area 10, which covers South Wales and the Borders and regularly compete with other branches in the area.

We are proud to be one of the friendliest branches around. Everyone is encouraged to join in activities whatever your age, ability or particular interest!

We actively encourage parents and guardians to get involved and are pleased to give help and advice.

What we do…

Our branch year is jam-packed with activities which include something for everyone, whether you are an ambitious competitive rider or simply want to have some fun whilst improving your riding and pony care skills.


The most important regular activities are monthly rallies which take place throughout the year.  Everyone, whatever your age or ability, are welcome.  Most rallies involve both riding instruction and horse & pony care learning.  They all involve LOTS OF FUN with your horse or pony and your friends.

Tests and badges

You’ll have the chance to work towards a range of achievement badges linked to horses and the countryside. You’ll also be encouraged and supported to polish your riding and care skills to work up through the highly-respected Pony Club tests.

Competitions and training

We organise our own competitions for members of all abilities. In addition we have active training programmes in all the disciplines shown in the links on the left of this page. Our teams compete at inter-branch, area and national level.


The highlight of the year. A week of non-stop riding and fun with friends, tailored to suit your ability level.  Seniors can also go to their own tailored two-day training camp.

Getting together

Now and again we just get together just to have some fun, either at one of our regular club nights or for a quiz, a family walk or BBQ.