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Information about teams & competitions


Guide to PC Competitions: guidetoPCcompetitions

Branch level competitions

Lots of Pony Club branches in our area organise shows and competitions throughout the year.  These may be advertised on Facebook or on their branch page on   As a Curre member you can enter any of these as an individual.  If there is a class for teams and you would like to be a part of a Curre team then message the DC or co-ordinator for the relevant sport (eg. show jumping, eventing etc, see below).  If there are enough members going then we can put you together into a branch team.

There are no special eligibility rules for being on a Curre team at branch level.

Area level competitions

In late spring/summer, Pony Club Areas organise an Area competition for each sport.  The Curre is in Area 10, which covers south-east Wales and borders.  Teams and individuals from our branch compete against other branches for qualifying places to go to the Pony Club Regional Championships (grass-roots level) and National Championships (novice, intermediate and open levels).

For Area level competitions, team members are selected to represent the branch and entries are made by the DC or Curre coordinator for that sport.  Individuals can also take part, but must have the DC’s permission.  Entry fees at this level are paid by the member.

Eligibility rules

To compete for the Curre at Area level competitions you must:

  • Have been a paid-up member of the branch by February 28 – and not have transferred from another branch in the last 14 months (transfers can compete as individuals though). If you are brand new to Pony Club you need to have joined by March 31.  Unless you are in a Regional qualifying class, when you can have joined or transferred at any time.
  • Have come to at least three general rallies (Camp counts as one) since the previous July. Your horse/pony also needs to have done at least three rallies and you need to have done at least one as a combination.  Training sessions don’t count!
  • Not be over-qualified for the class/level you are entering. Ask Jackie or the Curre coordinator for the relevant sport (see below) if you aren’t sure about this, or check the rules on  To compete in a Regional qualifier, you can’t have represented the Curre in that sport at a higher level (eg. Novice).

Team selection

Teams for Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing are made up of three or four members (in the competition, the best three scores count).   Teams for Area competitions are chosen by the DC together with the coordinator and the branch trainer for that discipline.  Their decision is final.

Selection is based on the following criteria:

  1. Ability level of horse and rider
  2. Competition experience (both within and outside Pony Club)
  3. Attendance at rallies and training

We have a record of branch rallies/training you have attended, but if you are interested in teams it would be useful for you to keep a record of results at competitions you go to.

Members chosen to represent the branch are expected to be active club members, committed to coming to training sessions and attending the competition.   So if you would like to be considered for a team, do make sure you are available to compete on the date of the Area competition – and also on the Championship date, should your team qualify!

It’s worth keeping in mind that you need to be confident at the level of the class you are competing in.  If your team is lucky enough to qualify for the Champs, the difficulty will increase there.

Competing at the Championships

If you or your team gains a Championship qualifying place, well done!

Regional Championships

These take place on the last weekend in August at Rectory Farm near Cirencester.

Dressage: Grassroots level

Show Jumping & Eventing: PC80 (80cm)


National Championships

This takes place mid-August.  It is a huge, exciting event combining almost all the Pony Club sports.  Getting to the Champs is the pinnacle of achievement in Pony Club competition! 

There are three levels to qualify at:

Dressage:  Novice, Intermediate and Open

Show Jumping & Eventing:  Novice (PC90), Intermediate (PC100), Open (PC110)

Entries & stabling

The branch will pay a contribution to entry fees for all qualifying members.   Entries are usually made by the Curre’s coordinator for that discipline – though for some events, eg Triathlon Champs, entries are made personally by the individual and the fee reimbursed.  Stabling is available at Championships that are a distance away.  This must be booked and paid for by the member.  You can camp on-site.



It goes without saying that when you are taking part in a Pony Club competition, at any level, whether as an individual or as part of a team, you are representing the Curre Hunt branch.  Do take time beforehand and on the day to make sure you are neatly turned out in the correct gear for your sport.  If you aren’t sure what’s right to wear – or you have any questions at all about things like what class to enter, rules or training – the Curre coordinator for that sport will be very happy to help 


Endurance Championships

Members keen on Endurance can qualify for the Pony Club Endurance Championships as an individual or in a team of three to six riders from any level.   Each member of a team must have completed three rides of the distance they want to do, in the correct speed, since last September.  At the Championships distances are Grassroots, Novice, Intermediate and Open, with distance and speed increasing from approx. 12-15km up to 50-60km

Contact Fiona for more information on Endurance.

Tetrathlon Championships

Area competitions take place in July for Tetrathlon just like the other Pony Club sports, with qualifying places to be won for the PC National Tetrathlon Championships that take place in mid-August.  Entries for the Area competition (teams and individuals) are made by the Curre Tet coordinator.  Qualifying classes are:  Junior (u15, jump height 90cm), Intermediate (any age, 100cm) and Open (any age, 100cm but increased difficulty).  

In winter you can compete at the first of the Area 10 Triathlon series in January for a place at the PC Triathlon Championships held in March at Milton Keynes.  

Contact Cheryl for more information on Tri & Tetrathlon.

Mounted Games

Area competitions for Mounted Games take place in May, with branch teams of four or five riders competing for places in one of four Zone Finals.  Teams are either Junior (u11) or Senior (11-14 yrs).  There is also a Pairs class (11-18 yrs).  Zone winners go forward to battle for the Prince Philip Cup Mounted Games at the Horse of the Year Show.   Runners-up qualify for the Pony Club Championships. 

Contact Jo Jones for more information on Mounted Games.