Monday December 5, 2022
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If you want to have a go at the ultimate exciting all-round sport for horses and riders – Eventing – then you’re in the right place!  We aim to build the skills you’ll need from the very start and even our youngest members get to have a go at cross-country riding.  Once you are confidently jumping at 80cm we hold regular specific training for all three Eventing phases: dressage, showjumping and cross-country.

We regularly hire a local XC schooling venue two or three times a year, including during summer Camp week for members to have practical sessions with accredited coaches.

Former and current Curre members have been successful at all levels of eventing within Pony Club, from PC80 to PC110 (Open), both as individuals and in branch teams. Many have progressed on to British Eventing success.  



Branch level

Several Pony Club branches in our region organise one-day events that are ideal for starting out or competition practice if you are competing at a higher level.  Look out for dates from the Cotswold Vale, Berkeley Hunt South, Ledbury and Beaufort Hunt among others.  Classes often start at 60cm and might go up to PC100 or PC110.


Area Eventing

At the Area Eventing competition held in July, teams and individuals from Area 10 branches compete against each other to try to grab the precious qualifying slots for the PC Regional Championships (PC70 & PC80) and PC National Championships (PC90, PC100 & PC110) in August. 


British Eventing & the Pony Club

British Eventing, the governing body of the sport of Eventing in the UK, allow special access to Pony Club members to their affiliated competitions, training and membership deals.  Visit to find out more.


Spring Festival Arena Eventing

In February or March each Pony Club Area will hold an Arena Eventing competition where successful members can qualify for the Spring Festival Finals held at Arena UK, Grantham in April.  Classes are at PC90 and PC100 heights and are a great chance to polish up your XC skills indoors ready for the eventing season to come!