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Endurance Riding

This is a great sport!

You get to ride out in open countryside not normally accessible to riders, along a mapped out and marked route. There are checkpoints along the way and stewards to help at any road crossings.

Don’t get the idea that it is just a hack!! It’s a competitive sport!

You gain points from a formula based  on speed ridden and fitness of your pony (measured by finishing heart rate). Highest points win!

You will be surprised at how fast you need to ride to make the lowest permitted speed -8km/hour. (Working trot is around 8 – 10km/ hour)

 So, you will need to keep up a steady trot for almost the entire ride – unless you are negotiating some difficult terrain or steep hills. You can make up time by cantering where ground conditions permit. Gates and horse stiles (‘walk overs’) will slow you down as will missing the markers on the route!! Don’t forget to take your map provided by the ride organiser!

Pony Club Competition structure: Endurance Riding

Virtually all rides are all organized by Endurance GB  the UK governing body for Endurance Riding.

The Pony Club has formed a close link with EGB and all EGB rides are therefore recognized by Pony Club Endurance. All rides are listed on the Endurance GB website: 

EGB Club Membership: this free! It’s essential to have this to be able to enter rides online!

Pony Club Mastercard: record card signed at each ride (contact Fiona or PC for 1 – free!)

There are no branch or Area competitions – you qualify for the Pony Club National Endurance Championships through successfully completing 3 rides within your chosen level

Novice: 20 -30km 

Intermediate: 31 – 50km

Open: over 50km 

A Grassroots (under 20km)  class is held each year at the Pony Club National Endurance Championships – you only need to have done 1 qualifying ride to enter! It’s not a Championships class, but you get to experience the atmosphere and take part!

EGB run 2 types of ride – all can be used for Pony Club National Championships Qualification.

Group Rides – organized by the local EGB group (branch). These are low key rides where you just tack up and go! Distances are usually short 10km, 25km.

National Rides – These are the competitive rides that attract riders from all over the country. They have several classes of various distances typically starting at 20km. Longer distances are on offer to the more experienced combinations: 30km, 40km, 60km, 80km!

These rides are different from the group rides in that you have to present your pony to the onsite farrier before the ride to check their shoes/ feet are OK to proceed. You then take you pony to the onsite vet who takes your pony’s heart rate, checks hydration and gut sounds. You then trot up in hand 20m there and back to see they are not lame. This ‘vetting’ happens again within 30mins of your return from the ride.

You ‘pass’ your ride if you complete within the permitted time and your pony is still sound and importantly the heart rate is below 64 beats per minute.


Best advice is to just enter a ride and see how you like it! You must be 8 years old and if under 13 have an adult (who can escort 2 children)

 I would recommend a short ride to start with – under 20km (about 12 miles)

Check the Pony Club website for more info on endurance riding:

Endurance GB:

Offas Dyke branch EGB :

De Cymru branch:  


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Cirencester Park 2019 – 32km; Hannah C and Sara W


Lydney Park – June 2019
Endurance “Have a go day” and endurance challenge




Our 2018 Endurance Riders  enjoyed success at the Pony Club National

Endurance Championships, held at Euston Park, Norfolk



Sara W (R) 3rd in the Senior Intermediate


Hannah C – Winner of the Senior Novice 2018

Our Endurance squad!