Monday December 5, 2022
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Triathlon &Tetrathlon

Tetrathlon is an exciting sport unique to Pony Club.  It is similar to the Olympic sport of Modern Pentathlon and if you are sporty and love to test yourself, it could be perfect for you!

In Tetrathlon you compete across four phases: air-pistol target shooting, swimming, running and cross-country riding.  In a Pony Club Triathlon, the competition will include three of the phases – usually shooting, swimming and running.  Points are given for achievement in each phase and the highest total is the winner.  Though to win you need to be a good all-rounder, the challenge is to try to keep improving your own score – and to get fit and have fun whilst you’re doing it!

There are classes for all ages.  Even under-8s can take part, by throwing beanbags at a target instead of shooting!  The difficulty of each phase increases with each age group.  The classes are:

Beanies – under 8 yrs

Intro – 8-9 yrs

Mini – 10-11 yr

Junior – 12-14 yrs

Senior – 15 – 24 yrs   (for Area competitions and Champs, Senior is replaced by Intermediate and Open, any age allowed)

The Curre has a great tradition for Tetrathlon and Triathlon, so why not come and join the squad?   No problem if you haven’t done shooting before – we have branch guns you can borrow and regular training sessions.

There are lots of competitions throughout the year where you can have a chance to join a team with your friends – and see if you can beat your latest total!


Branch Level

Many branches in our region organise their own Triathlons, which mainly take place during the autumn and winter.  The Curre’s own popular Tri is a big annual event in our calendar.  Our PC Area – Area 10 – also organises a series of three ‘training’ Triathlons in January, February and March at Monmouth, where you can compete for a Curre team and get lots of practice in at all three ‘foot’ phases. 

The chance to do a full Tetrathlon (with the Ride phase) can be found not too far away – several of the Area 9 clubs organise one or two Tets each year, as does Area

 18 at Pembrey near Llanelli.

Area & National Level

As with the other Pony Club sports, Triathlon and Tetrathlon have their own National Championships each year.

The Triathlon Championships is in late March and qualification is usually competed for at the January Area 10 Triathlon event (Junior, Int and Open levels).

The Area Tetrathlon competition held in July is your chance to grab a place at the summer Pony Club National Tetrathlon Championships (Junor, Int and Open). 

Tet superstars might also be selected to represent Area 10 to compete against other PC Areas at the Inter-Area competition held in May at Bicton Arena, Devon.   Or even to be on a Wales & Borders team to challenge the other UK regions at the Junior Regional Champs or International Regional 100 Champs.


Gate opening is part of the XC phase

XC phase


Run phase

All ages can try PC tri/tet

Well done!