Thursday October 6, 2022
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Tests and Badges

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On this page you will information on Tests and Achievement Badges

Achievement Badges:

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Well done Carys, Scarlet and Bea!

The Pony Club offers mini achievement badges for younger members and achievement badges, in equine and non equine related topics.e.g feeding, handling & grooming, mucking out, farming, poisonous plants and fundraising!

Here is a list of all the badges

Here is information on the Tests:

Hunting certificate:

Hunting certificate

Hunting certificate

Members wanting to take their Hunting Test are required to attend the following:

  • One session at the Hunt Kennels, to include a talk from either the Huntsman, Whipper-in or Master with a tour of the kennels and stables.
  • One practical session at either the kennels or other suitable place – to include opening and shutting gates and hunting conduct.
  • One morning hunting accompanied by a suitable (nominated by the Branch of The Pony Club) adult.

The Hunting Test at the Hunt Kennels should be marked as follows:

  • Accompanied days hunting 50%
  • Oral assessment 50%

The passing of the Hunting Test allows the Member to go hunting unaccompanied and this should be in the Assessors’ mind during the test. The Members should be tested orally, the Member either passes or fails wholly at the discretion of the Assessors.

It should be taken into account that the Member may be nervous, and the Assessors may try to lead the Member towards an answer if they feel they are suffering from nerves rather than ignorance.

If the Member is a borderline case, it is recommended that they be accompanied for a further days hunting by one of the Assessors and encouraged to explain what is going on during the day and be asked informal questions.

(Enquiries: Fiona Williams)


Studious participants for the Mini Horse Clothing Badge

Studious participants for the Mini Horse Clothing Badge