Monday October 25, 2021
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D&D Christmas Jumping 2018

Christmas Jumping 2018 – SNEC 27th December – 

Approximate times now up here:  Christmas Jumping approximate times

Don’t forget your fancy dress (optional)!

Entry lists for each class now up here:

Class 1 Xmas Jumping 2018

Class 2 Xmas jumping 2018

Class 3 Xmas Jumping 2018

Class 4 Xmas Jumping 2018

Class 5 Xmas jumping 2018

Class 6 Xmas jumping 2018

All times are approximate, please be patient if we run ahead of or behind schedule.  We may be able to accept a very limited number of entries on the day, please let Lisa McMullan know if you would like to come but haven’t signed up yet.  We may need to limit clear rounds to 1 per person (except for Team Tiny).  Don’t forget, its Fancy Dress (but other D&D and PC rules still apply)!