Tuesday January 18, 2022
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Parents/ Guardians Info

Hello and welcome,

There are always lots of questions to be asked by parents/ guardians of members joining the Pony Club. The main Pony Club website has loads of information on it for you and you can usually find everything on there. It can be a little tricky finding all the information. Some times it’s easier to Google Pony Club and then the specific query you have. Please have a good look round it http://www.pcuk.org/

Pony Club is enormous with a large variety of training available. The core of the Pony Club is our Working Rallies.  These are advertised in our annual brochure and are where we have all our fun and training for everyone. They can be mounted and/or dismounted and they run throughout the year. Members will be taught in groups of similar ability or age depending on what is appropriate. You need to book onto Dalkeith and District rallies at Club Entries http://clubentries.co.uk/dalkeithpc/. Rallies will be put on in advance and will close 1-2 weeks prior to the rally. This will allow the committee time to confirm instructor and venue bookings, and work out groups and timings.

Members are encouraged to work through badges (http://www.pcuk.org/index.php/tests_and_achievements/achievement_badges/)  and the achievement tests (http://www.pcuk.org/index.php/training/tests/) as set out by the Pony Club.

There are many competitions throughout the year in various disciplines. Some of the favourite ones are team events and there are annual Area events. The winners at Areas head off to Championships.

Safety Information

Insurance  is one of the many benefits that comes with membership of the pony club. Click here for more information

Hat Rule All members must have their hats checked and tagged before participating in any mounted Pony Club activity. Please read the information on our hat and body protector rules page.

Body Protectors Dalkeith & District Branch require that ALL members participating in any form of jumping wear a correctly fitted body protector to the current standard.  Please read the information on our hat and body protector rules page.

Turn Out Information  

  • At Inspection Rallies the following turnout check list will be used to mark members.
  • At non Inspection Rallies Pony Club sweatshirts with a white collared shirt and navy or black jodhpurs may be worn instead of a shirt and tie, and cream jodhpurs.


  1. Clean, neat and tidy
  2. Correctly fitted hat with navy, black or brown hat cover if applicable, and with a current PC hat tag.
  3. Hair must be secured in a hair net matching the hair colour.
  4. No jewellery except wrist watch, wedding ring, stock pin worn horizontally or tie clip
  5. Jacket (or PC sweatshirt with DC’s agreement)
  6. Clean gloves, shirt, Pony Club tie or Pony Club stock (over 18’s may wear associates tie).
  7. Correctly fitting back protector to current standards for all jumping
  8. Jodhpurs must be beige, white or cream
  9. Long black boots or black or brown jodhpur boots. Chaps if worn must be matching the jodhpur boot and must not have tassels or fringes. If chaps are not worn with jodhpur boots then jodhpur clips must be worn.  Only standard riding or jodhpur boots with a well defined square cut heel may be worn.  No other footwear will be permitted, including wellington boots, yard boots, country boots, “muckers” or trainers. Boots with interlocking treads are not permitted, nor are the boots or treads individually. Stirrups should be of the correct size to suit the riders boots (see the Stirrup rule). Laces on boots must be taped for Mounted Games only
  10. All boots must be clean with safe sole


  1. Supple and well cared for plain black or brown tack
  2. Bridle – check fitting of throatlash/ noseband/bit, check stitching (particularly reins)
  3. Saddle – check fitting including numnah, check stitching (particularly girth straps/girth/ and stirrup leathers)
  4. Check irons are correct size for boot and safety irons fitted correct way round
  5. Numnah/ Saddle Pads – this rule has changed for 2018 and now any solid colour is permitted and contrasting piping is also permitted. Branch logos are allowed when competing for the Branch.
  6. No humane girths (A humane girth is described as having non-independent straps that will loosen if one of the straps was to break)


  1. Clean with allowance for stable/grass kept
  2. Mane/tail clean & tidy
  3. Eyes, nose & dock clean
  4. Feet well shod & clean under hoof
  5. Hooves oiled/dressed

Spurs may not be used at any time unless members have attained their ‘B Test’ or express permission has been granted by the branch DC and signed the members membership card.  Spurs may be worn at Rallies and other events. Any misuse of spurs will be reported to the DC and any reported riders will be recorded and monitored. Sharp spurs are not permitted.

Vaccination information

The Pony Club has just updated its vaccination rule pony-club-vaccination-rule-2021


The Pony Club shop:  https://harryhall.com/pony-club-shop  stocks The Manual of Horsemanship, official Pony Club clothing and various other useful things including Pony Club ties, badges, and medical armbands.

You can buy Dalkeith & District clothing including jackets (softshell or waterproof), cross country base layers (these are our Team colours, all members can wear them), polos (white or navy), sweatshirts, track pants etc at https://www.fpuniformz.com/clubs/dalkieth-pony-club.html  All items are good quality items and the prices are very reasonable. 

Contact Yvonne Langley with any questions. All contact details are on the Committee Tab or click here.