Tuesday January 18, 2022
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Types of Rally

Rallies – the heart of the Pony Club 

A working rally is one at which instruction is given, all our rallies are working rallies unless otherwise noted.  Rallies may be either mounted or unmounted or a mixture of the two, unmounted rallies usually being for horse/pony care instruction and/or for doing badges.  Rallies may be general riding instruction, show jumping, cross country, flatwork/dressage or a combination, or games. The time of the rally and venue will be given in the programme.


In addition to our Rallies, we also run extra training in Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country.  These sessions are open to everyone wishing to improve their skills in that area and count as Rallies, and what we run will vary over the year.  We usually work with the same specialist instructor for a whole block of training, so that the instructors can work consistently with each member.  These rallies are especially recommended for members wishing to be considered for D&D teams this season, as we want you to do as well as possible and to be safe.  

For all rallies, the time stated is the actual start time, so please arrive at least 20 minutes early so that you’re tacked up and ready to ride promptly.  Parents are welcome to stay and watch, but the organisation of the rally is at the discretion of the relevant Rally Secretary.  Help from parents is needed at all events, especially when packing up at the end of a rally.  Please put your name forward if you feel you are able to help. We are all volunteers and need your support.

What to Wear

Inspection rallies are marked throughout the year and a prize is given for the best overall turned out equine and jockey. It is worth making the effort to familiarise yourself with the finer details.  The dress code for each of the individual sports is given in the individual rule books. However, there are some items of dress that have safety implications. Members are expected to dress correctly and safely for all Pony Club activities.  See ‘What to Wear’ page for details.

Booking Into a Rally

Click here to go to our online booking system for rallies. All the latest info will be here.