Monday October 25, 2021
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Tetrathlon is a Pony Club sport where members compete at each of 4 disciplines – riding (cross country), running, swimming and shooting (air pistols).  Its great fun, great for fitness and also an incredibly friendly part of Pony Club.  You meet people from all over the country, take part in great competitions, learn to ride round courses you never thought would be possible, and make great friends for life.

Classes at Tetrathlon competitions are related to Pony Club age ( i.e. age on 1st January that year), its all explained here

Under 8s are called ‘Intros’, intros don’t shoot, they throw bean bags at targets instead.  Then they swim as far as they can in 2 minutes – floats and arm bands are fine and there are older kids in the pool to help at all times. Then, they run 500m as fast as they can. Running is usually on grass. No special kit is needed, just trainers and whatever is comfy to run in, and swimming gear. If its a full tetrathlon and there’s riding, intros would then jump round a 30cm course, with a slip rail and gate, they can have outside assistance if needed (though may affect scoring). You can find info about all the other ages using the link below.

Info on how the competitions work at other ages is on this page:

Dalkeith and District has been very active in Tetrathlon in the last few years.  We won the Area 19 interbranch regional competition in 2016 and the Area 19 interbranch junior (age 12-14) competition in 2017.  Our team came 6th in the Pony Club National Champs in 2017.

We are starting shooting practice and running training again, so please let Clare or Kirsti know if you’re interested.  Please note, in Scotland, you now need a licence to own and transport an air weapon.  Anyone can use an air pistol so long as there is someone present who has a licence.   We will have air pistols and targets for everyone to practice with, and obviously make sure that the air pistols are handled safely. 

In Scotland, most Tetrathlon events are run by Scottish Tetrathlon, which is a group within Pony Club.  Scottish Tet puts on an excellent series of indoor and outdoor cross country training days every winter – dates are below for 2018/19.  They also run a series of 4 Triathlons over the winter – which are all of the unmounted phases (running, swimming and shooting).

The Winter Triathlon dates for 2018/19 are: 
WS1, 4th November at Forfar (closing date for entries is 26th Oct)
WS2, 2nd December at Grangemouth
WS3, 6th January at Annan 
WS4, 3rd February at Grangemouth

There will certainly be D&D members going to WS2, 3 and 4 (and maybe WS1), get in touch if you’d like to join us!

Winter indoor XC training dates:
ISEC 16th November (Claire Marshall)
Blairs Farm, nr Falkirk, 24th November (Luke Burnett)
Blairs Farm, 12th January (Claire Marshall)
ISEC 18th January (Luke Burnett)

There are limited places on these training days so sign up asap if you want to go!