Thursday May 6, 2021
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Rally Dress

For mounted working rallies you should wear a DD sweatshirt with a white shirt and tie. Jodhpurs’ should be beige or a plain dark colour (black, brown and navy blue are all acceptable). If your hair is shoulder length or longer you will need to wear a hairnet, to be neat, tidy and safe.  Plain gloves should be worn.

For any jumping activities, long sleeves should be worn, either a DD sweatshirt, DD rugby shirt or long sleeved white shirt/PC tie is suitable.

Hats which must be black or navy (hat covers are acceptable) must meet the latest Pony Club rules – click here for details.

For stable management rallies, riding hat, gloves and riding boots are essential. Please wear a DD sweatshirt & bring a notebook and pen.

Cross country rallies – Body protectors are compulsory for cross country rallies, and medical armbands (these can be bought from local tack shops or the Pony Club website) are advised.

An air vest may be worn, but only over a normal body protector. It must not be worn under any item of clothing. For these rallies, long sleeves must be worn.

Spurs may only be worn by members who have passed their B test or have written permission from the DC.

Jewellery other than a wristwatch is not allowed. Earrings must be removed, not taped over; for safety reason in accordance with Pony Club Health & Safety Policy.

Tack need not be new but must fit your pony and be in good, clean and safe condition. You need to regularly check all stitching, especially around the bit, and at the top of stirrup leathers and girth straps. If you are not sure whether something fits properly, is safe, or is suitable please ask your instructor. Numnahs or saddlecloths should be plain black, brown, white, cream, navy or our own DD saddlecloth. Tack should be cleaned before rallies and it will be checked at each one.