Thursday May 6, 2021
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Camp Rules




1.            No responsibility can be accepted for pony, tack and personal belongings of any child at camp.


2.            The committee, instructors, and others responsible for the running of camp will endeavour to ensure the well being of any child at camp but cannot be held responsible therefore.


3.            The normal insurance provisions negotiated on behalf of The Pony Club apply at camp.


4.            Parents are discouraged from attending camp other than on the first and last day unless helping.  In the event of an emergency visit, please report to a member of the committee.


5.            Notification must be given if a child is removed from camp.


6.            All children must accept and abide by directions and instructions given by those responsible for the running of camp.


7.            If the behaviour of a child at camp is such that the committee feel they may not continue at camp then upon notification of this the parent/guardian must remove the child and pony immediately.  The committee reserves the right to return the child and pony if this collection is not effected promptly.


8.            There will be no refund of fees once a child has been registered for camp.


9.            If in the opinion of the committee a pony attending camp is in such condition that it cannot be expected to complete camp without injury or hardship to itself then the child and pony will be required to leave.  Please ensure that your pony is fit and well and we recommend it is up to date with flu and tetanus vaccinations.


10.       In the event of an accident or injury the committee are authorised to take whatever steps are felt appropriate to secure the well being of the child and pony.  The parent/guardian would be responsible for any fees necessarily incurred.  In the event of an emergency parents/guardians will be contacted.


11.       Every endeavour will be made to ensure that each child receives substantial instruction and will be placed in groups of similar ability/need.  Efforts will be made to progress each child through The Pony Club Tests as appropriate to their age and ability.