Thursday May 6, 2021
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Ring 1 – 10 am

Class 1:            BEST TURNED OUT HORSE/PONY AND RIDER – Riders any age to be plaited by member

                                                                                    Harvey Cheeseman Memorial Trophy

Entry Fees:     £3                    Rosettes 1st to 4th in each class 

Class 3             JUMPING       1’6” – Minimus Pony/rider not to have represented Branch team

Class 4             JUMPING       2’0” max in first round

Class 5             JUMPING       2’6” max in first round

Class 6             JUMPING       2’9” max in first round

Members may only jump two consecutive classes

Entry fees:     £5                     Rosettes 1st to 4th in each class 

Ring 2 – 11 am                                    Handy Pony – Entry Fee £1

Class 8             HANDY PONY –        11yrs and under

                                                            14yrs and under

                                                            15yrs and over

 Gymkhana Events – 1.00pm approx – Rosettes 1st – 4th      Entry Fee £6 for 4 classes 

SECTION 1:   11 years and Under (Lead rein permitted – not eligible for trophy) 

Class 1:            Bending

Class 2:            One up Polo

Class 3             Flag Race

Class 4:            Stepping Stones

 SECTION 2:  12 – 14 Years inclusive           Entry Fee and Events as Section1

SECTION 3:  15 years and Over                 Entry Fee and Events as Section 1 

Perpetual Challenge Cups for the Dinas PowisPony & Rider combination with the most points in:- 

(a)  Gymkhana Section 1, Jumping Class 4 and handy pony 11 yrs & under

(b)  Gymkhana Section 2, Jumping Class 5 and handy pony 12 – 14 years   

 (c)  Gymkhana Section 3, Jumping Class 6 and handy pony 15 yrs & over



RULES1.     All ponies and riders must be paid up 2019 members and have attended at least three rallies this year in order to compete

2      PAS 015, ASTM F1163, SNELL F2001 hats and riding boots or shoes with ½” heels to be worn mounted

3.     All ages taken from 1st Jan 2019

4.     The organizers accept no responsibility for any loss or accident which may occur.

5.     The Judge’s decision is final

6.     In Section 1 children who ride off the leading rein at rallies must compete off the leading rein unless special permission is obtained