Wednesday May 5, 2021
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Dinas Powis Pony Club





Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th MAY 2019



Saturday 18th                 –           Swim    Hebron Hall, Cross Common Road, Dinas Powis (CF64 4YB)

–           Shoot   Penarth Shooting Club

Run The Grange, St Brides-super-Ely CF5 6XA

Sunday 19th             –           Ride     The Grange, St Brides-super-Ely






Age 01.01.19 Shoot Swim Run Ride
Class 1 Junior Boys Under  15 yrs 7m Turning Targets 3 mins 1500m  80cm
Class 2 Junior Girls Under  15 yrs 7m Turning Targets 3 mins 1500m  80cm
Class 3 Minimus Boys Under  12 yrs 2 Hands, 7mTurning Targets 2 mins 1000m  70cm
Class 4 Minimus Girls Under  12 yrs 2 Hands, 7m Turning Targets 2 mins 1000m 70cm
Class 5 Tadpole Boys and Girls Under 9 yrs 2 Hands, 7m Static Targets 2 mins 1000m 50 cm

 Class 6 Tiddler Triathlon under 8yrs – bean bag throw 500m run 50cm jump (lead rein permitted) all on Sunday 20th May

 Class 7 Senior Boys and girls                           1om turning targets 3min swim 1500 run

Minimum age 8 yrs on 01.01.19

Entry Fee £20 per competitor (Dinas Powis Members £15) inc Hunter trial class

Tiddler class £10

Cheques payable to “Dinas Powis Pony Club”


All entries with to be received no later than

Tuesday 13th may 2019



Rosettes to 4th place in all classes.

Medals to Best Shoot, Swim, Run.




The competition will be run in accordance with the

Pony Club Rules for Tetrathlon 2018


  • A Skull Cap to comply with Pony Club Rules must be worn when mounted. Skull Cap, Body Protectors and Medical Armband are compulsory for the Cross Country phase.
  • There will be a hat and tack inspection before the riding phase. Please ensure your hat has been fitted with a Pony Club Tag by your DC before the competition. 
  • Earrings, studs, other body jewellery and nail varnish must not be worn.
  • Competitors will not be forced to retire after 3 refusals at any one fence, but if they continue they must not impede following competitors and must retire after 2 falls as per Tetrathlon rules.
  • Horses must be 5 yrs old or over and may not be ridden by more than one competitor over the same course unless the riders are siblings. Please state on entry form if sharing a horse/pony.
  • A competitor may choose to ride a lower XC course than his/her Tetrathlon class but will incur 400 penalties for each level dropped.  Please notify the secretary by Saturday evening if you wish to ride a different course.
  • In the Tadpole Class ONLY competitors may have Authorised Assistance (inc lead reins) at a penalty of 400 points.
  • In the Tiddler class lead reins are permitted with no penalty



  • All competitors are required to have a minimum of 3 practice shooting sessions before their first competition.  Loaders should be 17 yrs or over and competent
  • In the shooting range, guns must be kept in their cases until the Firing Point Steward gives the order to “unbox” them at the start of a Detail, and must be boxed again before competitors leave the firing point.  At all other times air pistols must be stored in their boxes and locked in a secure place (i.e. in a vehicle out of sight).
  • No person aged under 18 may be responsible for, or carry a gun.


The decision of the Judges will be final throughout the competition



The organisers of this event have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present.  For these measures to be effective everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructions of the Organiser, Officials and Stewards.


Neither the Organisers nor any persons acting on their behalf accept liability for any loss or damage, accident, injury or illness to horses, competitors, and spectators or any other person or property whatsoever.


Team Trainers or Club officials entering competitors should be satisfied that they have all received adequate instruction in all four phases. Entering their names to compete is acknowledgement that they are satisfied that the competitor is suitably trained and competent to undertake each phase.