Wednesday June 19, 2019
Spring 2015


Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the new year at Pony Club

We would like to welcome Bethany & Imogen Gay, Isobella Jones, Ella Gibson, Casey Binding and Isobella Joyner as new members.


*********STOP PRESS*****************

Many congratulations to Haley Northcott and Millie, as they have been selected to ride in the Mounted Games for England at the Royal Windsor Horse Show in May.


Well done to those members that passed the following tests:

C: Maisie Atkinson, Phoebe Joslin and Zoe Davies

D+: Katie Cook, Molly Joyner, Phoebe Bryan, Molly Mathews, Loveday Williams, Charlotte Snell, Florence Taylor, Lucy Pepper and Isobel Beard

Area Quiz 18th February @ Cullompton Community Centre

The Area Quiz took place on the 18th February @ Cullompton Community Centre. We had 3 teams consisting of: Kayleigh Chedzoy, Josh Flanagan, Grace Sinclair, Marcus & Fraser Boundy, Zoe & Isobel Davies, Martika Gallagher, Lucy Pepper, Jessica Cumings, Heidi Stevens and Ellie Dawson.

There were 13 teams and we did not come in the first 4, but everyone had a thoroughly good time.


We have started another busy year with fortnightly rallies at Eastwood and Whippenscott and with the weather as last starting to dry out, we can hopefully get back onto grass.

We had a camp at Bicton, with only 4 members staying overnight, but we had several coming in for the day. (8 on the first day and 4 on the second). They all had 3 disciplines over a 5 hour period and all came away tired, but felt that they had learnt something to take forward.


As we are at the beginning of the season the following are just reminders for the Conduct and Dress Code at the upcoming rallies.

Code of Conduct

DWNM’s policy in the event of a member / parent or guardian mistreating their pony or being abusive to an instructor.

 No member of the DWNM Pony Club shall:

  1. In any way ill-treat a horse or pony whether at a competition or any other
  2. Conduct themselves in a manner detrimental to the character of DWNM Pony Club.
  3. Misuse or use excessively a whip or spur
  4. Deliberately use the action of the bit as a means of punishment and / or misuse any item of saddlery or equipment in a manner likely to cause pain or discomfort to the horse or pony.
  5. Be in any way abusive to an instructor.

In the event of any of the above occurring the following will apply:

In the first instance the member, with the knowledge of their parents, is spoken to by the DC, Secretary or Chief Instructor on the day of the incidence.

Following the event, the above to be confirmed in writing.

If the occurrence is deemed to be severe enough by the DC in conjunction with the Chief Instructor, a two competition ban on representing the club will be placed upon the member.

In the Second instance the member, with full knowledge of the parents, and having been spoken to by the DC and the occurrence deemed to be severe enough, the incidence will be put in front of the committee to decide on further action.

Dress Code

Correct Dress for riders at mounted rallies and camp

Hat, tagged by DC or Secretary to show it conforms to PC standards

Hat cover preferred to be Black, Brown or Navy Blue

Hats for Cross Country riding should be a jockey skull cap with no fixed peak.

Hair net for girls and boys with long hair.

No jewellery.

White or Pale Blue shirts, pony club tie.

Pony club sweater or riding jacket with pony club badge on collar.

Jodhpurs cream, beige or plain dark colour

Jodhpur boots with clips or chaps / riding boots.  No tassels on chaps – colour of chaps to match boots

Cross Country or Show Jumping:  Long sleeved shirts under body protectors (with sleeves rolled down)

Medical Armbands must be worn for Cross Country events but are recommended at all times

Spurs may only be worn with the permission of the DC and with a signed membership card.

Stocks may be worn from 14years and over. (Age as at 1st January)

If you are allowed to take your jackets off, due to hot weather, then your sleeves must be down to your wrists at all times.

Correct Dress for riders at un-mounted rallies

White or plain blue shirt and Pony Club Tie or DWNM Polo Shirt

Pony Club sweatshirt

Jodhpurs cream, beige or plain dark colour

Jodhpur boots with clips or chaps / riding boots.   Wellington Boots if raining.

Hat and gloves


Manual of horsemanship should accompany each member

Correct Dress for ponies/horses

Tack should be in good repair – please pay particular attention to reins and stirrup leathers.

Numnahs, saddle cloths and girths should be one colour (navy, black, brown or white)


Results for the last 3 Months


We have had no competitions this quarter

Team Show Jumping

Report by Nicola Sinclair

Taunton Vale Pony Club @ King Sedgemoor Equestrian Centre on `5th February

Class 1: 1’9” – 2” –  A team of three, Molly Matthews, George and Charlotte Snell.

Molly went first and got a very good clear. Charlotte got 4 faults for a refusal but managed to stay on and got another 4 faults for crossing her tracks! George managed a very steady clear for his first ride on Sophie. But very well done 2nd place over all. With Molly getting an individual 3rd place as well.

Class 2: 2’-2’3” – A team of three, Ellie Dawson, Molly Matthews & Grace Sinclair and Ellie Dawson on Ricky also rode as an individual.

Ellie on Partygirl went first had a good round with an unfortunate run out and an error on course. Molly on Robbie managed a steady clear. Grace on Sprite had a run out and had some steering issues and was unfortunately eliminated. But they all rode well and kept smiling.

Class 4: 2’6” – 2’9” A team of four Tabitha and Daisy Waldron, Hannah Beggs and Bethany Cork.

Hannah and Tabitha had faultless rounds, with Daisy and Beth incurring minor faults.  It was a huge class of 14 teams and we were 7th, well done girls.

Class 5: 3’  We were represented by Hannah, Daisy and Bethany – well represented but incurring a few minor faults.

Everyone was very pleased as this was the first outing of the year.



Tetrathlon & Triathlon

Reports from Team Manager, Maria Flanagan

Devon & Somerset Pony Club, Triathlon 11th January

They had an excellent day. We had a full team of four Dulverton West members for the 9 and under and they did us proud. Results as follows:

Biathlon: Liberty Wright 3rd individual, Zak Flanagan 4th individual

1st in a mixed team of 3 (our 2 and 1 from the Cotley PC)

Mini Minimus Mixed – 9 and under: We were represented by William and Freddie Barlow, Lilli Fiddes and Rebecca Pulford in a very competitive class of 23.

They came 2nd as a team. William Barlow came 3rd individual  (PB in shoot – 820), Lilli Fiddes came 6th individual, Freddie Barlow 7th individual  (just missing out on rosette and only 2 points behind Lilli)

Minimus Boys – 11 and under boys: Josh Flanagan 5th individual (PB in swim – 4 lengths 3 metre) and came 3rd in a mixed team.

Well done to everyone who took part.

Eggesford Hunt Pony Club Triathlon incorporating the Area 15/16 Winter League


This was held on 7th February @ Okehampton College.


Josh, William and Freddie made up our under 11’s team with William shooting 860 and Josh achieving personal best in both the swim and the run but it was a national qualifier and the competition was stiff so no one was placed.


Rebecca and Lilli represented the under 11 girls and had really good runs but were not placed either.

Zak and Liberty managed 4th in their mixed biathlon team with excellent runs and swims.




Mendip Farmers Hunt Inter-Branch Triathlon


This was held on 15th February @ Sidcot School, Winscombe.


Mixed Biathlon: Zak Flanagan was 5th individually and 4th in mixed team. In class of 22.


Mini Boys: Josh Flanagan shot 780, swam 4 1/4 lengths and ran 5mins 10sec but wasn’t placed individually, but was 3rd in mixed team.



Avon Vale Hunt Inter-Branch Triathlon & Biathlon


This was held on 22nd February @ Stonar School, Wiltshire


We had a freezing cold and wet day at Stonar. The boys had excellent swims with Josh receiving a medal for 3rd and okay runs (given the weather!) individual and team places went to 6th and medals for best 3 in each phase. Competition was stiff as it was an area 14 national qualifier.


Biathlon: Zak Flanagan 3rd in mixed team, 7th individually (missed the individual places by 4 points)


Minimus Boys: Josh Flanagan 1st in mixed team 7th individual (missed 6th place by 8 points)




Four Burrow Triathlon & Tetrathlon


This was held on 21st March @ Truro College


We had a good day in Truro. The weather was nice and for future reference it’s a good venue and just over 2 hours from Barnstaple. We didn’t do the XC today – too far to go back with the pony, so I don’t know what the course was like.

Josh and Zak did well. Both had fantastic runs with personal bests. Josh came in In Under 5 mins for the first time ( 4. 54) and Zak ran his 1000 m in a brilliant 4.Min 33!

Class 5 Minimus Boys – Josh Flanagan  5th individually ( no team as they didn’t do mixed ones)

Class 8 Mixed Biathlon – Zak Flanagan 6th Individually – 2nd mixed team


Many congratulation to all the members competing in these competitions.

Everyone had a good time with a great team spirit on all occasions.

Anyone interested in any discipline please contact the Team Manager

You would all be very welcome.

2015 – 200 Club Winners:     January – Charlotte Snell

February – Grace Sinclair

March – Sara Gallagher


If you would like to join the 200 club, please contact Mrs. Broggio for information.

If anyone has any comments, suggestions or ideas for fund raising with regard to the Pony Club, then please forward them to any member of the committee.


D.C.: Mrs. J Cumings –

Secretary: Mrs. G Elliott –

Treasurer: Mrs. A Bradshaw –,

Mrs. H Broggio, : Mrs. N Boundy,

Miss S Gallagher, : Mrs. E Matthews,

Mrs. R Northcott : Mrs Mary Barlow,