Friday September 25, 2020
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Tetrathalon and Triathlons

Spooners & West Dartmoor Hunt Pony Club TRIATHLON & TETRATHLON, Saturday 17th – Ride at St Leonards Equestrian Centre, Launceston PL15 9QR and Sunday 18th October 2020 at Mount Kelly, Tavistock PL19 0HZ

Spooners Tet schedule 2020

FEES PAYABLE WITH ENTRIES. No refunds after entries have closed.
Entries and enquiries to Sue Ware, Stourtown Cottage, Sampford Spiney, Yelverton,

Devon. PL20 6LD. Telephone 0779 3838 685 e-mail Closing date for entries Thursday 8th October 2020

Times will be e-mailed to Team Managers by Thursday 15th October 2020.


What is a Triathlon/Tetrathlon?

These competitions test general horsemanship and athletic ability for all levels of competitor.  It was originally set up for the boys, but there are now separate competitions for girls held under same rules.

Briefly a Tetrathlon consists of four phases

Shooting – using a 4.5mm calibre air pistol and pony club targets

Running – over a carefully measured course and each competitor’s time is measured

Swimming – competitors score points on how far they swim in a certain time

Cross Country – generally over a fixed cross country course which includes a gate to open and close, and a slip rail

Triathlons consist of the Shooting, Running and Swimming phases with more competitions being held during the winter months – a fun way for members to socialise off their ponies.

Tetrathlon shoot practices take place on Thursday evenings 5pm-7pm at the Braunton Shooting club.

Message Viv Pulford on messenger for more information on this or speak to Mary Below on 01884 860772 or 07778793373



Triathlon and Tetrathlon Report 2018

  • Busy year involving 5 members of the pony club

 William and Freddie Barlow

Rebecca Pulford

Zak Flanagan

Emily White

  • 4 Triathlons and 6 Tetrathlons completed
  • In March William and Freddie represented Dulverton West at

              National Pony Club Triathlon in Milton Keynes….this is the shoot, swim and run.

             Freddie finishing 7th in MINI Boys

              William finishing 13th in Junior BOys

  • The Tetrathlons started in May with the team attending 6 throughout the season.

This involves 2 Days of competition with the Shoot, run and swim on the Saturday then the xc country ride phase on the Sunday.

The xc courses were held at …




 Sampford Spiney

 Holwell Lawn and finishing at

Southcott in October

Rebecca Pulford did exceptionally well having stepped up this year to jump the 90cm courses in Junior Girls and won 2 of the events in strong competition.

Freddie had better success when competing Flick in the later part of the season and won the Eggesford Tetrathlon Mini  Boy jumping 80 cm.

The new season is now under way for the winter triathlon season, kicking off on 18th Nov  Lamerton then 9th Dec at Cotley.

We are pleased that Abi and Jack Payne are going to have a go at their first triathlon at the Cotley event.

In the New year the members will be looking again to try to qualify for National Triathlon to be held in March 2019. These are strongly fought after places as only 2 per PONY CLUB AREA are selected to go in each age category. If you don’t achieve your place at your area qualifier the only other way is to go and Win an out of area qualifier.

 This year Emily and Freddie move up from Mini category to Junior category which mean we will have 4 in the junior section, William, Freddie, Rebecca and Emily.

 Zak will continue to fly the flag with Abi in Mini category.

The goal for 2019 to aim for Rebecca  Pulford and possibly William to get to Regional Tetrathlon Championships and to continue to encourage any other members to have a go.


Cotley Triathlon – 5 November 2017

Rebecca Pulford, William Barlow, Lucy and Bethany Floyd and Zak Flanagan all competed on behalf of Dulverton West at Wellington yesterday.

The weather was reasonable and once again we had a very successful day.

William won the 11 and under boys, following a tremendous, and very exciting, swim of 5 lengths and 18 metres, which took him from 100 points behind the leader to winning his class.

Rebecca was 2nd in the 11 and under girls with a great run and swim and she and Bethany were 2nd in a mixed team.

Zak was 4th individually in the 9 and under boys and girls and he and Lucy were 3rd in a mixed team.

Every one shot well with Zak, Rebecca and William all shooting in the 800’s and William and Rebecca both ran very close to 4 minutes which hopefully stands them well  for their transition to junior classes in January when they will run 1500 metres, swim for 3 minutes and shoot one handed with turning targets!

As always the team was a pleasure to manage, a credit to our club and very successful too! Well done all of you.

Marie Flanagan


Spooners Triathlon – 29th October 2017

Another great event for our Triathletes at the Spooners Triathlon on Sunday 29 October. The combined Dulverton West Mini Boys and Girls Team gained second place which was a fantastic result.  Well done!

Mini Boys:

William Barlow 1st (Shoot 880, Run 1096 Swim 1128 Total 3104)

Freddie Barlow was 5th (Shoot 900, Run 856, Swim 1080 Total 2836)

Mini Girls:

Rebecca Pulford 5th (Shoot 860, Run 1030 Swim 921 Total 2802)

Bethany Floyd (Shoot 760, Run 844, Swim 752 Total 2356)

8 and 9 Years Old

Lucy Floyd (Shoot 600, Run 532, Swim 528 Total 1660)


 Area 15 & 16 Triathlon Championships – 7 October 2017

6 competitors from DWPC  took part in the Area 15/16 Tetrathlon at on Saturday 7th Oct 2017, sadly the riding phase was cancelled for the Sunday so it became just a triathlon.

Mini Boys 9 and under

Zak Flanagan finished 5th and was very much looking forward to the ride phase and I’m sure he and Skip would have moved up the leader board!  740 shoot , 646 points for his run and 832 for the swim  . Finished on a total of 2218

Mini Girls 9 and under

Lucy Floyd had a fab shoot with 780 points , very impressive after only 4 lessons. 5.31 run Finished on a total of 1810

Mini Girls 11 and under

Rebecca Pulford finished 5th with a  860 shoot , pb in the run 4.16   and swim  4. 18.  Finished on a total of 2708

Bethany Floyd had a very good shoot with 820 again only after 4 lessons.  4.45 run  Finished on a total of 2262 points

Mini Boys 11 and under

William Barlow finished 1st.    940 shoot, PB in the run 3.47 and PB in swim 5.14 .  Got best shoot and joint best swim with Freddie  Finished on a total on 3130 points

Freddie Barlow finished 5th .   900 in shoot , run 4.25 and swim PB at 5.14 Got joint best swim. Finished on a total of 2862.

Team Results:

William, Rebecca and Freddie came first in the teams for Dulverton West.

Great day with the usual amount of rain at Okehampton which made the run hard in the driving cold rain but great to have an expanding tri/tet team.

Mary Barlow


Tiverton PC Mini Fun Tetrathlon 10 September 2017

William Barlow won the minimus boys class and Freddie Barlow came 5th out of 14 boys.

William had a couple of stops on the cross country but was strong enough in the other phases to make up the points. He got best swim and best shoot.  Freddie also had a couple of stops ( But didn’t fall off ! ) and had a PB in his shoot and second best in the swim. The run was hard work for all in the wind and rain.

Bethany and Lucy Floyd did well for their first Tetrathlon.  Bethany had one run out on the x country and finished 6th overall in the minimus girls category.  Lucy excelled at the shoot with a 740 score.

(Report from Mary Barlow)

Well done everyone especially Bethany and Lucy Floyd.  Their mum, Sarah, has been sent out today to purchase running spikes.  Go girls!


Spooners & West Dartmoor 22 to 23 July 2017

Mini Boys Triathlon      1st William Barlow (Score: 3006) and 6th Freddie Barlow (Score: 2660)

Mini Girls Tetrathlon    6th Rebecca Pulford (Score: 2630)  8th Emily White (Score: 2562)