Tuesday May 30, 2023
For National Pony Club updates and information please go to pcuk.org
Dress Code (Conduct)

East Antrim Uniform Shop

  1. Girls must tie their hair back and wear a hair net. Boys also if hair is long.
  2. Beige, white or black jodhpurs must be worn, NO multi coloured or bright.
  3. NO HOODIES at any Pony Club activities when mounted on a pony/horse.
  4. If coats have a hood it must be safely tucked into the collar. If the coat hood cannot be tucked in, it is not permissible.  
  5. Jodhpurs to be worn whilst taking part in ridden activities. (Sweat pants, jogging trousers, jeans etc will not be permitted.)
  6. Pony Club poloshirt with sweatshirts and or Pony Club jackets only. 
  7. If you need to purchase Club Clothing please contact Ashley Bingham (see under EAPC Contacts page) or go to Hardy’s Equestrian https://www.hardyequestrian.co.uk/collections/east-antrim-pony-club?fbclid=IwAR3oKF99Yr2eZYR0eA96lrafjJTkhtO6AHitlRBJ-y3DUyRC0ju0IEBrrY0  
  8. Suitable riding boots, no muckers.        
  9. Riding hats must be tagged – see Hayley
  10. Hat covers must be black or navy, coloured ones are only allowed for cross country..
  11. All ponies to walk until your instructor arrives – both inside and outside of the arena.
  12. Please remember it’s nice to be polite and say thank you to your instructors at the end of a rally.




  1. When arriving, please park as far forward in the car park and as close together as possible to leave room for more vehicles arriving.
  2. Please remember to take all your belongings, including litter, away at the end of the day.  
  3. Remember to check your child’s riding hat for wear and tear, it is your responsibility that the hat is a correct fit and is in good condition.
  4. Also check that your child’s stirrup irons are the correct size, a general guide is that you should be able to fit a finger width between the boot and the stirrup iron, if you are unsure please ask the instructor for guidance.
  5. Other children / parents / visitors – have consideration for those in the ride and keep noise to a minimum.
  6. Please leave the venue as you find it, removing ALL litter, we are very fortunate to have use of it.