Monday December 16, 2019
Road Rider Training

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Page updated 10 Apr

Road Rider Achievement Badge
Road Rider
Well done to all our members yesterday that passed their Road Rider Achievement badge after 5 hrs of compulsory training ,
Well done to Dan, Alice, Amelia, Libby, Elissia, Polly, Darcey, Hannah, Freddie, Emily and Jess

This achievement badge is a requirement for those hoping to achieve C test and above and is suitable for 10 year olds plus
It requires about 5 hrs of training followed by a test, all of which will be done in one day.








Stage 1 – The Mini Road Rider Achievement Badge 2009 is taken at E to D test level.  This must be passed before the D test certificate can be awarded. Approx age 7 – 10 years




Stage 2 – The Road Rider Achievement Badge 2009 is taken at D+ to C test level.  This badge must be passed before the C test certificate can be awarded.  Minimum age 10 years

Stage 3 – The Road Rider Test 2010 is taken at C+ to B test level.  Members should attain this before going on to take their B Test. Minimum age 13 years


If anyone is interested in Road Rider training in 2013 please contact Liz Thomas on 07798 633347 or




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