Monday December 16, 2019
Winter League Show Jumping

Page updated 19 Nov

Please contact Louise Cairns for entries,  –  –   07779 242029 for all information

Winter League Show Jumping Rules – with August 2019 amendments(3)

Winter Series- 2019 Rules V1

We don’t have many entries for the 24th November so please contact Louise if you are interested


November 24th  –  F+D. Maelor – F&D Winter League SJ Schedule Nov 2019

December 8th  –   BCFH. Southview  –  Winter-League-2019-Schedule BCFH


January 19th  –   CHS. Southview

February 2nd  –   WWW. Northop

February 22nd  –  Aberconwy Maelor

March   –  CHN. Final. ???

Please note this is effectively two competitions in one.

The Area 5 Winter League Competition for which the Rules were amended in May 2018 and maybe further amended at the Area 5 DC’s meeting on the 19th September. A copy of the proposed amended rules is attached for ease of reference. The classes are changed from previous years and, as last year, there is a WL points competition for Individuals.


  1. The Pony Club Winter Series Competition replaces the former Dengie Competition and a copy of the 2019/20 Rules is attached.

Please encourage your members to submit their entries as soon as possible.

Notes re: East Cheshire Competition

  1. The times and order of classes may change to most effectively accommodate the number of entries per class.
  2. In the first round the whole team will jump in succession. In the second round the team members will jump one at a time, one from each team, in the order they jumped in the first round sequentially – rule 7.7 & 7.9.2.
  3. Classes 5 & 7 will be Two-phase – first phase 7 to 9 obstacles not against the clock but with a maximum time allowed; clear rounds – continue straight onto the second phase without a bell being rung.               Second phase 4 to 6 obstacles and timed. Competitors placed on faults and 2nd round time; 
  4.         The organisers may opt to run Class 3 (WS Debut) as a two-phase competition (as above) dependent on entry numbers.
  5. The competition will take place on a prepared surface.