Sunday August 25, 2019
Booking Rallies, Dress Code & Etiquette


Rally Terms and Conditions:

  • Please could we ask everyone to try and give us as much notice as possible of intended participation at rallies & events. 
  • By entering early you can ensure rallies & events will go ahead. 
  • If your circumstances change and you are no longer able to attend a rally, every effort will be made to fill your space with another member. If this is unable to be achieved you will not be refunded without a doctors note. 


  • Dress Code:

  • Tagged hat, 2009 body protector (recommended for SJ, essential for XC)
  • PC sweatshirt/T-shirt/rugby shirt (arms MUST be covered for XC)
  • White shirt, tie or stock, cream jods, jacket when competing
  • PLAIN jods are acceptable for rallies (black, navy, brown, grey) but NOT multi-coloured.
  • Gloves
  • Long hair MUST be tied back and not in a plait
  • Dark coloured jodphur boots or long riding boots.
  • Hat silks should be plain coloured although XC colours may be worn at a XC rally.


  • Ponies/Horses

  • Well fitting, CLEAN tack, plain coloured
  • Numnah (white, black, navy or brown), plain coloured boots if required.
  • We understand it’s difficult to keep ponies clean this time of year but we do ask
    that as much excess mud as possible is removed for their comfort and manes
    and tails don’t have the majority of their bedding left in!
  • If you are attending a XC rally, XC colours are acceptable.
    Please ensure your ponies/horses are sound and fit enough to attend the type
    of rally booked and are appropriately vaccinated.


  • Etiquette

  • Please park with care.
  • Please ensure that all droppings left in the arena or parking area are picked up.
  • Please help put out/away equipment.
  • Please remember that the instructor is highly qualified and is responsible for teaching the rally.
  • No smoking is permitted at any of the venues used by Pony Club.
  • We try to ensure all groups are evenly matched although sometimes its not always possible, please be patient and supportive of others.
  • Members are encouraged to be polite and thank the instructor for their time.
  • Most importantly – HAVE FUN!