Sunday August 25, 2019


Camps 2019:

Summer Camp

Sunday 28th July 3.30pm- Wednesday 31st July early afternoon.

As you know food is included in the price for members. Additional meals may be ordered for parents/carers/siblings at a cost of £19 per person/per day (individual meal costs are—breakfast £5.75, lunch £5.75 and dinner £7.50). This price includes unlimited tea or coffee throughout the day!
Payment must be made by 20.7.19. Please complete the form (previously sent out) to indicate your child’s/children’s choices and any additional orders and return to Sarah by 13.7.19.
Please pay total using code– surnamecf
Camp bedding and hay/haylage can be ordered and provided by Bicton Arena.
Please pay total using code– surnamebedding
NOTE– all orders for camp bedding/hay/haylage and food
need to be made by 13th July 2019.
Please email your orders to Sarah:

On July 1st a pre-camp meeting was held to share some key information. For example:
• Parents/carers are to return the forms asap. These include application
form, medical form, food order form, bedding/hay order form.
• Campers should arrive at 3.30pm on Sunday. Ponies/horses must be
tacked up at the trailer/lorry ready for the lesson at 4pm. During the lesson stables will be named by committee members.
• Details of groups and times will be placed at the end of the stable block. Please check this on a regular basis.
• After the 1st lesson stables may be set up.
• Tents are to be erected in the small paddock opposite the toilet block.
• Showers cost 50p.
• A health and safety talk will take place in the marquee at dinner time. All members/parents/carers must attend.
• Parents/carers are responsible for their child from 9pm each night.
• Vaccinations must be up to date. It is recommended to keep to 6
months. Passports will be checked.
• Equipment list has previously been circulated– this is a guide.
• Members will be encouraged to develop their independence, however,
a number of senior members will be available to support the younger members. Parents are also allowed to support as necessary.
• In the event of an accident or injury to child or horse/pony the organisers will immediately attempt to contact the parent or guardian (please inform organisers of additional named adult). If this is not possible the organisers are authorised to take whatever steps are felt appropriate to secure the wellbeing of the camper and horse/pony.
• Children will not be allowed in the stable area after 9pm.
• Donations of cakes/biscuits/squash are required to share at snack time.
• Stables must be completely cleared at the end of camp.
• Bikes must be placed in allocated stable or at the camp site when not in
• No jewellery or hoodies to be worn whilst riding. Pony cub polo shirts or
long sleeve white shirts to be worm. Long sleeve top must be worn
when doing x country.
• No mobile phones to be used whilst riding.
• A farrier will be on call.
• Bring water bottles to refill.
Further details can be found on the application form. 


Camp kit list for 2019 available here: EAST DEVON HUNT PONY CLUB CAMP EQUIPMENT LIST

Camps are a fantastic opportunity for members to
have fun with their friends (and ponies/horses) whilst
also having dedicated opportunities to learn and
practise key skills in an extremely enjoyable way. As
you can appreciate spaces are limited but do not despair if your child did not get
a space– summer camp will soon be here!! (29.7.19 – 31.7.19)
Please contact Becki Davies  for further information relating to mini and junior camps.
Moe for further information relating to senior camps. 


More exciting news…

Moe, Becki and Thomasina have been VERY busy bees and have organised a cracking Summer Camp. Thank you to everyone who has already expressed an interest in attending- we are now up to capacity! As a result- if any of you who have provisionally booked a place are no longer able to come along please let Thomasina and Moe know asap as they have a waiting list.  In addition – anyone who isn’t already on the waiting list but would like to potentially join us- please let Moe and Thomasina know asap!

SENIORS riding at Intermediate or Open Level: Moe and Thomasina are in the process of organising evening lessons with Clare Chamberlayne. Please let Moe or Thomasina know if you would like a space. This will be on a first come first served basis as there are limited places.  

On Monday 1st July, 6.30pm at Bicton Arena we will be holding a pre-camp meeting for parents/carers. We strongly recommend that all parents/carers of members attending camp come along to this meeting as it will be an ideal opportunity to learn about what camp involves and what is expected of our members and what is expected of us as parents (nothing scary- honestly!).  

The cost of camp is £175 for the first member and £150 for each additional sibling. This includes the cost of all meals.  Additional meals may be pre-ordered for family members as required- a form will be circulated in the near future. 

Please pay via BACS with the code: SC_______ (surname). If you wish to pay by installments please let Moe know. 

Attached is some information about camp, a medical consent form and an application form PLEASE COMPELTE AND RETURN THESE FORMS TO MOE OR THOMASINA by JUNE 30th 2019

If you have any questions please do get in touch – we are here to help!

Details about camp 2019 inc application form






Flu Vaccination update…
All ponies/horses attending Easter camp (Boomerang and Centyfield) and Summer camp (Bicton Arena) must be vaccinated for equine flu.
The following local venues also require vaccinations to be up to date: 
Bicton College
The Grange

We expect more venues to be clarifying their policy in the next few days. In the meantime please ensure that you send Moe a photo of the vaccination log and passport details. Passports must also be carried to all events/venues.
We understand that this is an inconvenience but we appreciate your support in this matter. It is now confirmed that Pontispool and Bicton Arena and College are asking for the same as BE protocols. Advise to have a booster within 6 months, but no requirement to do so. You are  required to have your horse vaccinated for Flu every 12 months after initial course.