Tuesday December 11, 2018

EDHPC – Mini Team SJ Results – 16th August 2018 @ Centyfield

Well done to all the children that competed today and thank you to everyone that came, helped and supported, especially Centyfield who provided a fantastic venue, great course and awesome cake! Congratulations to everyone who qualified for the Mini Champs – please check out the Area 15 website for more details and entry info. 

Mini Team SJ Results 2018




Results from mini ode June 16th 2018


Thank you to all the competitors at our Mini ODE & Combined Training event on Saturday and all of the lovely people who volunteered in the many different roles that are required to run a competition like this. We are truly grateful!

Class 1a
1st – Zara Butt – Buster 26.15
2nd – Abby Davies – Teddy 26.92
3rd – Ellie White – Wally 27.69
4th – Jessica Hart – Super Sonic Ambition 31.54
=5th – Josh Down – Alice 33.08
=5th – Francesca Kinkenberg – Frostraw Rivercrest 33.08

Class 1b
1st – Violet Cook – Poppy 36.92
2nd – Evie Beer – Rio 40.00
3rd – Abi Cottrell – Smartie 41.15
4th – Holly Cann – Daisy 43.08
5th – Mia Price – Crackerjack 41.93
6th – Darcie Green Bryntwrog Major 47.69

Class 2a
1st Izzy Joyner – Roly 37.31
= 2nd Tabitha Thompson – Ping Pong 38.46
= 2nd Georgie Down – Biskit 38.46
4th Zoe Dunn – Oliver 39.23
5th Emma Jarman – Laddie 40
6th Will Brown – Lollipop 40.85

Class 2b
1st Ollie Gilman – Popstar 26.15
2nd Christina Haywood – Bellini 27.33
3rd Zoe Trembath – Magic 32.31
4th Courtney Squance – Vinny 45.38
5th Scarlett Eames – Gloria 63.08

Class 3a
1st Isabel Perry – Spirit 25
2nd Jack Jordan – Rocky 25.83
3rd Georgina Pratt – Blakeswater Pork Pie 30.42
4th Jessica Barnes – Jack Tinker 33.75
5th – Lucy Squibb – Whelmstone Dragonfly 34.17
6th – Emily Knight – Vee Vee – 37.33

Class 3b
1st – Jo Hayes – Rocco 44
2nd Sarah Parkhouse – Nattadon Gary 45
3rd Jodie Culpin – Conker 49.58
4th Cerys Foster – Out of Tune II 49.59
5th Georgina Palfrey – Pushy Lady 50.42
6th Sydney Bond – Alba 53.75

Class 4a
=1st Jasmine Butt – Dezzy 24.58
=1st Millie Chadwick – Lorraine II 24.58
3rd Amy Frampton – William’s Heir 27.92
4th Hattie Barnes – Starburst 30
5th Amy Dunn – Astrid 31.67
6th Summer Hill – Kipper 32.50

Class 4b
1st Georgie Conneeley – Dudley 34.58
=2nd Theo Funnell – Theodora 34.80
=2nd Sam Pring – Monty 34.80
4th Faith Williamson – Hattie 36.46
5th Jasmin Cordy – Biscuit 37.92
6th Rebecca Brown – Jimmi 40.05

Class 5
1st Molly Pullin – Enya 35
=2nd Abi Weir-Jones – Bowbells Caprice 35.42
=2nd Hattie Barnes – Lilly 35.42
4th Sid Miller – Barney 38.55
5th Maddie Whitfield – Sampson 47.42
6th Kirsty Newcombe – Reggie 50

Class 6
1st Jasmine Downes – SOS Portia the Fawn 26.44
2nd Emily Mayes = Kings Endeavour 27.30
3rd Ella Venning – Benson 28.33
4th Charlotte Radley – Dolly 30.21
5th Dee Phillips – Cheeky 30.62
6th Alysia Phillips – Wilko 36.17

Class 7
1st Dee Phillips – Cheeky 22.08
2nd Rachel Brown – Kiltown Dreamer 22.50
3rd Fiona Wedden – Mr Spiritus 24.42
4th Lucy Henretty-Lee – Lady Griz 28.33
5th Rebecca Reid – Rico 31.33
6th Charlotte Hosking – Macsimus 32.08

** Lottie Gaukroger – Dorothy 27.05 (error in scoring)

Results from our Mini ODE at Bicton Arena 18/06/17

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East Devon Hunt Pony Club

Awards Night 2017!!!!!


Scatty Award 2017!!!!!!

Congratulations Lauren Sanders on winning the Scatty Award 2017!!

Junior Committee Awards:

Most Helpful Parent: Dennis Mitchell

Best New Member: Sid Miller

Junior Awards:

Badge Rally Award: Sid Miller

Hunting Award: Isla Willmington

Turnout Award: Josh Bagwell

Perseverance: Highly Commended: Niamh Lee,

Winner: Georgina Pratt

Team Member: Felicity Parkhouse-Wadeson

Most Improved: Highly Commended: Imogen Norman,

Winner: Scarlett SteerFrost- Badley

Tetrathlon: William Down

Outstanding Achievement: Hebe McCance

Best Junior: Alysia Phillips

Senior Awards:

Most Helpful: Georgie Conneeley

Hunting Award: Emily Woodruff

Turnout: Emily Taylor

Perseverance: Highly Commended: Emma Woofenden,

Winner: Peri Watts-Esmek

Team Member: Sabrina Mitchell

Most Improved: Natalia Berry

Outstanding Achievement: Highly Commended: Cerys Foster,

Winner: Georgia Wood

Best Senior: Ellie Ridout

Pony / Horse Awards:

Junior Pony: Callie

Senior Horse: Conrod








For rosettes or queries, please contact Janet Sanders – moorhayesfarm@agriplus.net

CLASS 1 – 70cm

1st – Melanie Showler
2nd – Mattie Kolowska
3rd – Alexia Marler
4th – Freya Jones
5th – Julie Wright
6th – Victoria King
7th – Vincent Cort
8th – Isobel Morrison
9th – Frola Layard
= 10th – Alice Beer
=10th – Beth Read


1st – Victoria King & Alexis Marler
2nd – Liz Peach & Teresa Wills
3rd – Anna Read & Cait Wilmington
4th – Helen Clarke & Anj Locke
5th – Evie Kilburn & Maddie Whitfield
6th – Anna Pickett & Charlotte Gale
7th – Sasha Taylor & Misha Taylor
8th – Ellie Smart & Rebecca Reid
9th – Jamie Weston & Jackie Henley
10th – Chiara Chartins & Livi Chartins

CLASS 3 – 80cm Under 16yrs

=1st – Emily Thorpe
=1st – Ellie Chapman
=1st – Zoe Davids
=4th – Betsy Board
=4th – Isobel Davies
6th – Zoe Davids
7th – Jade Ballard
8th – Charlotte Hosking
9th – Holly Pearce
10th – Ava Hill

CLASS 4 – 80cm – Over 16yrs

1st – Anna Picknett
=2nd – Sophie Ramswell
=2nd – Jenny Henderson
=2nd – Abbie Lucas
=5th – Alison Stuart
=5th – Katie Reed
7th – Annie Reeves
8th – Sam Barnard
9th – Kelly Smith
=10th – Anna Read
=10th – Jo Lowe

CLASS 5 – 90cm

=1st – Ellie Hall
=1st – Kate Kittow
3rd – Bryony Darnerell
=4th – Alice Board
=4th James Shaw
6th – Sam Shaw
=7th – Katie Read
=7th – Jane Phillips
10th – Imogen Carter

CLASS 6 – 1m

1st – Issie Whiting
2nd – Rachel Hanna (Best East Devon)
=3rd – Nina Ball
=3rd – Emma Adams
5th – Michelle Harris
6th – Thomas Broom
7th – Becky Dormer
8th – Sabrina Mitchell
9th – Clare Hansford
10th – Nicky Ralph

CLASS 9 – Lead Rein

1st – John Fell (Best East Devon)
2nd – Naomi Brown
3rd – Isla Wilmington
4th – Zara Butt
5th – Annabel Whitfield
6th – Alexander Morrison

CLASS 10 – Assisted

1st – Jess Mayoll
2nd – Julie Booth
3rd – Luke Downes
4th – Emily Knight
5th – Olivia Morgan
6th – Rupert Hughes (Best East Devon)

CLASS 11 – 12yrs & Under

1st – Katie Read
2nd – Tabitha Downes
3rd – Chloe Powell
4th – Olivia Hayes
5th – Beatrice Morrison
6th – William Down (Best East Devon)

Class 12 – Open

1st – Katie Read
2nd – Dionne Cox
3rd – Louise Brown (Best East Devon)
4th – Ella Stephens
5th – Olivia Hayes
6th – Chloe Pinter
7th – Henry Fell


Super well done to all the competitors and a huge THANK YOU to all our helpers, supporters and volunteers who all pulled together to make the event happen and ensure it was a success.




Super well done to all our members who competed at Bicton Arena for our Mini ODE, Dressage & SJ.

You all rode brilliantly, were beautifully turned out and showed great team spirit towards each other.

You guys are AWESOME!


Spring Hunter Trial 2016 Results

Please follow the link below to see your results, congratulations to all our competitors.


Spring 2016 HT Winners


Scatty Award 2016: Georgie Conneeley 


 Best New Member

Congratulations to Abby Davies for winning Best New Member!

 Badge Rally Award

Congratulations Alysia Phillips on winning the Badge Rally Award!





 Hunting Award

Congratulations Bethany Reed on winning the Hunting Award!




 Turnout Award

 Congratulations Felicity Parkhouse-Wadeson on winning the Turnout Award!



 Perseverance Award

 Congratulations Scarlett Steer-Frost on winning the Perseverance Award!



Best Team Member

Congratulations Megan Trott on winning the Best Team Member Award!



 Most Improved

Congratulations Hebe McCance on winning Most Improved Award!



Outstanding Achievement

Congratulations Imogen Norman on winning the Outstanding Achievement Award!



Best Junior

Congratulations Gabrielle Dunsford on winning Best Junior!



Senior Most Helpful

Congratulations Georgie Conneeley on winning Senior Most Helpful Award!



Senior Hunting

Congratulations Rachel Hanna on winning Senior Hunting Award!



Senior Turnout

Congratulations Fern Acheson on winning Senior Turnout Award!



 Senior Perseverance

 Congratulations to Issie McLachlan-Clark on winner Senior Perseverance Award!



Senior Team Member

Congratulations Harrison Oakley on winning Best Senior Team Member Award!



Senior Most Improved

Congratulations Ellie Ridout on winning Senior Most Improved!



 Senior Outstanding Achievement

 Congratulations Laura Coles on winning Senior Outstanding Achievement Award!


 Best Senior

 Congratulations Lauren Sanders on winning Best Senior Award!


Best Junior Pony

Congratulations Apples on winning Best Junior Pony!!!

Best Senior Pony

Congratulations Chips on winning Best Senior Pony!!!

 Most Dedicated PC Parent

Congratulations Dan Trott on winning Most Dedicated Pony Club Parent! (We expect to see you modelling your hoody at the next rally!)

We will miss you Liz Dymond thank you for your hard work dedication to East Devon Hunt Pony




 We also said farewell to our District Commissioner Jill Hill, thank you for all that you have done for

East Devon Hunt Pony Club, we shall miss you!!




 And welcome to Karen Oakley our new District Commissioner………..



Thank you to our Senior and Junior Committee’s for all their hard work in hosting another fantastic Awards Night, and thank you to all our members who supported this event……………






Autumn Hunter Trial Results

If you were unable to collect your rosette on the day, and would like it, please send a stamped addressed envelope to:

Oonagh Griffin, Brewers Cottage, Plymtree, Cullompton, Devon EX 15 2 LQ

If you would like to know your time please ring Oonagh on 01884 277323

If you have lost any items please also ring 01884 277323

Class Results are on the Hunter Trial Page


Mini & Novice ODE @ Bicton College – 14th June 2015 – RESULTS!!!!

Well done to all competitors, grooms (parents) and supporters! A huge thank you to our wonderful band of helpers and volunteers without whom we wouldn’t be able to run at all so we are truly grateful!

Mini Ode Winners2015


Team Show Jumping Sunday 12th April @ Pontispool

Wow! So proud of our members who competed today.

The Easties were on great form with Individual wins for Gabrielle in Class 1 & 2, Team 3rd in Class 4, Team 2nd in Class 5 with individual placings for Fern & Emily AND a team 2nd in Class 6!

Fantastic, well done girls!



Please find attached results from Sunday’s competiton. Well done to all the competitors and all our amazing helpers!

If you have any queries, please email jillybomber@btinternet.com