Thursday May 23, 2019
Lucy’s Story !


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I’m Lucy Stammers, 20 years old and part of the East Essex Hunt Pony Club branch. At the
end of September 2017, myself, three other teammates along with our chaperone, Ruth
Walker, headed to Vancouver, Canada, for The Pony Club International Quiz Exchange 2017.
After applications and interviews, four members of The Pony Club from around the UK, Lucy
Stammers, Victoria Hargreaves, Helena Bissex and Georgia Stanton, were chosen to
represent Team GB against other countries, such as Australia and America in the
international and national quiz competition in Canada.
30 th September, we all travelled to Vancouver, where we stayed for six days and did various
activities with our team and the other countries, such as visiting the Vancouver Mounted
Police, going to Whistler and looking around one of the Vancouver Pony Clubs’ riding
schools. On the seventh day we flew to Kelowna BC, Canada, which we explored and went
on trail rides, went to their local horse show, sat around a bonfire eating toasted
marshmallows and competed in the quiz competition.
Throughout the week we bonded extremely well as a team and became really close friends.
We also learnt a lot from the other countries about their Pony Clubs and life in those
countries, as well as also making very good friendships with them. The competition was over
two days. On the first day we had a two- hour paper which we did individually in the
morning, and then in the afternoon we had ID tables to do, which was identifying all the
items on each table individually. The following day, we had 15 games to complete as team,
with 10 minutes for each. That evening we had a banquet and prize giving, where we came
third as a team, beating the Australian team and coming very close to the American team in
second. The terminology was very different for some things in Canada to what it is in
England, so we were very pleased with where we were placed. All the teams were so kind,
and the Canadian team were really helpful, by trying to teach us some of their terminology
and explaining how their quiz runs and it is very different from the National Pony Club quiz
we have here.
I would like to say a huge thank you to The Pony Club for choosing me to represent Team
GB, as I had the best experience of my life, as well as my family and my branch, East Essex
Hunt Pony Club and The East Essex Hunt, for being very supportive. I’d also like to thank
everyone who helped me get there, and my brilliant team and chaperone, who made the
trip THE BEST!

International Quiz Team have been invited to speak at the Pony Club Conference in Birmingham next year.